How to make Bacon and Pepper Strata

There is little that is more American than having bacon. It is one of the iconic foods that most Americans eat. In this series, we are going to try and help you find new ways to make bacon for your family at home.  Read more


How to make homemade Kettle Corn

As said in our article about County fairs, kettle corn is probably one of the most iconic and tasty treats (besides cookies) that all most all Americans have come to love. It is a simple treat for kids as well. As many people know that finding it can be hard to do, Last Kodiak wants to give you the recipe that is used by many people in the county fairs. There is a few different ways to make it but this is the one that we hear about the commonly. Read more


When you start craving Jack in the Box tacos and are thousands of mile away.

As I sitting here working on the website, I have this weird craving for Jack in the Box tacos. I have no idea why. They are not that good and I have not had one for at least a decade. It seems odd to me but the worst part of it all is I am thousands of miles from the closest Jack in the Box restaurant. Read more

How I lived on Krystal’s for a year and loved it too!

I was living in Cleveland, Tennessee back then and I learned to love Krystal’s. It is kinda the south’s answer to White Castle. It is insanely popular in the southern states and I do mean insanely. Read more

Best pizza in the Philippines is NOT Pizza Hut, it is S&R Pizza!

When you are in the Philippines, finding a good pizza can be a challenge. In many places, you can be left with Pizza Hut, Greenwich or Shakey’s. However, S&R, the Filipino answer to CostCo has a growing network of pizza restaurant in malls around the country. It is a step up in the world of pizza.  Read more

3 Best in Kansas City Barbecue

There is little that defines what the largest city in Missouri that the famous Kansas City Barbecue. As a regular to Kansas City, I look forward to have it every time I am around. It is something you do NOT want to miss. Read more

America’s fixation with tacos

Americans have always loved Mexican food and that includes their staple of it all: tacos. Yea, we have “Americanized” the food and made it into what we call “Tex mex” but the idea is the same. It has something that people eat at home, restaurants and over the camp fire for as long as I  can remember. There is even several highly successful chains based on it like Taco Bell, Taco Johns and Taco Beuno. The struggle for tax fixation is very real. Read more

Lambert’s Cafe: home of the thrown rolls

One of the most popular places to eat in the Midwest is called Lambert’s Cafe and there is only three of them. I have been lucky to have eaten at all of them. Two are in Missouri and one is in Alabama. Read more

County fair food in Small town, America

One of the good things about the Midwest is our county fair culture. Most countries, especially in the rural areas always have one and it brings out the best in people. People are proud to share whatever they do. It might be woodworking, food, craft, or livestock. Many of them even have a Demolition Derby. The best of the best of each of these will probably end up at the State Fair. Read more


Taco Bueno is amazing Tex Mex!

One of my favorite stops when I was in Tulsa was this place called Taco Bueno. I am sorry but I am not much of a Taco Bell guy. I loved the quality of their food and it was always fresh. The price was right and I was hungry. Read more