Finding Roasted Chicken in the Philippines : A tasty option to traditional Filipino food

I know that I am going to get some heat for this but I am going to say it: Filipino food sucks. I do not know why but it just does. It might be a step up from Cambodia but that is a pretty low bar. However, one food in the Philippines that I do like is their roasted chicken or locally known as Lechon Manok. Read more

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Max’s Restaurant has some great chicken!


I woke to a tropical depression in Quezon City, Philippines and I was hungry. The closest thing was Max’s Restaurant. It is a chicken restaurant that has stores across the Philippines. It is pretty tasty for what they have if you ask me. Read more

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El Chupacabra: Mexican food in Makati!

I was looking for Mexican food in Makati and I remember walking by this place called El Chupacabra on a side street in Makati. I thought I would go back and see what the food was like. Was it really authentic? Who knows.

One of the problems in the Philippines is, despite being Spanish for 350+ years, it is hard to find good Mexican food in the country. The few that try fail terribly normally. As you can imagine, I was interested in this would be yet another failure or if they actually made it work!

I will go ahead and give you the spoiler: It was quite good and pretty close to Tex-mex. However, it comes at a price as well. We will talk about later.

El Chupacabra expats

My experience looking for Mexican food in Makati?

I ran into a subscriber to my Youtube channel and told him I was about to go and do a review of a Mexican restaurant so he wanted to go with me and try it out too. It is always cool to connect with people who only know me through a computer screen and a camera len.

We got there right as they were opening (a little after noon) so we was the first customers and we sit down in the corner and waited for the menus.

If you are wondering the prices, tacos are between P110 and P130 ($2.20-$2.60) and burritos are between P200-P300. ($4- $6) Yes, it is a little pricy but the area has some pretty pricy restaurants.

He got the Beef Tapa (I do not remember the price) and I just ordered a Steak Taco (Carne Asada) that was on the Tex-Mex menu. That was $2.63 or P131. It was very good but not sure it was worth the price. However, I guess it is all about supply and demand.

El Chupucabra tacos


I didn’t get a coke because I didn’t want to throw down the P80 ( $1.60) for a can. I am not super cheap but that is a little pricy for me. Sorry, El Chupacabra!

As far as the food itself, it was quite good and I must say I was pretty impressed with the quality. As I said, most mexican food in Makati is a disappointment. I might have low expectations but I did leave impressed!

El Chupucabra staff

Where to find El Chupucabra?

If you are coming to Burgos Street (the whore area), you just go to Mercedes St by the Lokal Hostel. (It runs right next to the main road called Kalayaan Ave.) You walk past Clipper Hotel and turn at the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church on Felipe Street. It is about 15 yards (or meters) down the street.

The other street on the other end of the block is Polaris Street. It runs down to where Kenny Rogers and Burger King is located.

If you can’t find it, just ask a local, most should be able to help you find it. It is on a side street but this is where the local come to eat. They know the area very well.

If you have been there, what was your experince? Would you recommend it as Mexican food in Makati City? 
Here is the video review on El Chupucabra, Mexican food in Makati City

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Fiji Barbecue – How the Fijian people eat!

I do not understand it but Fijians are obsessed with these $5 Fijian plates of Fiji Barbecue every evening. I understand they are cheap, easy and you don’t have to cook at home. Maybe, that is why they love them so much. I just didn’t think the street food was that good, personally. Read more

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Wishbone Fiji has great chicken!

One of the best restaurants in the islands is a place known as Wishbone Fiji. It is part of the Pizza King chain. I am not a fan of the pizza but the chicken is pretty damn good if you ask me. Read more


Eating guide to Apia, Samoa

If you are in Samoa, you will spend at least a day in Apia. You will need to get some food at some point. There is always a need for eating in Samoa. This little guide is to help you find some decent places to check out along the way. Read more

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Gates BBQ (Kansas City) review

One of my favorite places in Kansas City to eat is the famous Gates BBQ. They are all over the city but I normally end up at the one on Main. It is by far the best lunch I will have all week. Hands down.

It gets really busy during the lunch hour because people like to come and eat out for a business meeting but if you get into their around two in the afternoon, you should be fine. That has been my experience anyways. When I am home in Kansas City, Gates BBQ is a normal stop at least weekly. Read more

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Sadie’s by the Sea in Pago Pago, American Samoa Review

I stayed for a night at Sadie’s by the Sea in Pago Pago. It was a nice place that I would call a three star hotel. It is not really a resort but it is pretty nice by American Samoan standards. It is also worth noting stating that I did not sleep there. My experience is limited to the restaurant and bar. More the restaurant really; I do not drink. Read more

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Finding Tacos in American Samoa

I came across an article about a DIY Taco Crawl in Florida so what would be the tacos crawl of American Samoa? Let’s take a look.

If you like Mexican food and you happen to be in American Samoa, your options will be somewhat limited to tacos. However, there are some options that I know of.

If you are looking for real Mexican food and you are on island, you will be sad to know that only tacos are your option. This could be subject to change as American Samoans move home from time to time and open restaurants. Something could have popped up since I left the island. It is worth asking someone living on island for the latest. Read more