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Cebu Pacific goes to Guam!

Cebu Pacific Air, the low cost airline out of the Philippines has been approved to fly from Manila to Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport in Guam starting in March. What does this mean for tourist in the Asia-Pacific region?

I find it interesting that they have finally got the green light on this. I remember when they only had a flight from Cebu to Manila back when they first launched. Filipinos joked that one day they would fly to the United States of America. Read more

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Fly United Airlines via Hawaii!

If you are coming from the Philippines (or Asia) to the United States; you might want to consider traveling through Guam and Hawaii. It is a route that people forget about but one that could save you having a seriously long flight across the Pacific Ocean.

If you are like me, you are not a big fan of flights that put you on an airplane for half a day or more. My idea of a day well spend does not include sitting in an economy seat on China Airlines eating bad food and having a dead battery on my Amazon Kindle (with no way to charge it). Sorry, just not ideal to me. Read more