Official launch for Last Kodiak is set!

When I stated this website in mid-October with a soft launch of November 1, I did not really plan much with it. I just got the domain, install WordPress and started writing articles. That’s was it. However, now that we are a few months into it, I have to get a more solid plan. Read more


How to make homemade Kettle Corn

As said in our article about County fairs, kettle corn is probably one of the most iconic and tasty treats (besides cookies) that all most all Americans have come to love. It is a simple treat for kids as well. As many people know that finding it can be hard to do, Last Kodiak wants to give you the recipe that is used by many people in the county fairs. There is a few different ways to make it but this is the one that we hear about the commonly. Read more


When you start craving Jack in the Box tacos and are thousands of mile away.

As I sitting here working on the website, I have this weird craving for Jack in the Box tacos. I have no idea why. They are not that good and I have not had one for at least a decade. It seems odd to me but the worst part of it all is I am thousands of miles from the closest Jack in the Box restaurant. Read more

Why I believe in America : How living in Asia taught me to love the United States

I grew up in the Midwest and always was given a deep respect for the country. We salute the flag, we say the pledge, we stand for the national anthem. Things like these were just not optional for me. I am not ashamed to call myself an American. Read more

Why I love Amazon Kindle!

One of the best tools I have is honestly my Amazon Kindle. I still remember when I hear about it coming out. I was pumped. You would have to have lived overseas to understand why it is a heaven send to me. Read more