YouCaring Review : Crowdfunding for charities

YouCaring is one of several platforms for crowdfunding personal compassionate projects. I recently tried it out for Azusa Report and I found out some things that I liked and some things that I really did not like.

Let’s start with what the website actually is. It is a GoFundMe competitor basically and it focus of personal projects of compassion. A lot of church groups use it for the mission trip grouping. It is what I used it for.

Things I do like about YouCaring

I like how easy it was to sent up a fundraiser. It was just a simple form on a web page and click a few buttons. It was really that easy!

I just put my story, how much I wanted to raise, and what we was doing in the boxes. A few clicks later, the page was made.

The other thing that I found very easy to do was to give to a campaign. That is always nice to have and it will make giving increase. This was pretty seamless with YouCaring.

A personal thing that I really like was how clean the UI was. It is a very minimal design that highlights the project people are promoting, not the website that is the platform. I really liked that.

Some things that YouCaring needs to work on

I really am not a fan of waiting almost a week to get the money donated because the way that Wepay works. They need to work with a company that is more robust and have a quicker turnaround. I highly suggest Google Wallet. This is not an option for people getting money in a do or die situation.

Another thing that I have yet to figure out is how add offline donation to the project. I know there is a way to do it and I am sure there is a tutorial out there somewhere but I can’t find it.

The other thing is the intergretation into Facebook is not really that good and making it easy to give right on Facebook might giving work better in the long run. They need to figure that out!

Do I recommend YouCaring?

At this point, I can’t. The time between a donation and getting it on the ground to the people in need is way too long. For someone in crisis, the length of time is downright unacceptable. It has to shortened somehow.




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