Sheridan in Palawan: Is it worth it?

I have stayed at the Sheridan Palawan in Sabang Beach (next to the Underground River). It is quite pricy by Filipinos standards but it is very nice. It is to the same quality that you would expect at any Sheridan resorts in the United States or across the Pacific Ocean. I have stayed in their resorts in the Fiji Islands and in Hawaii as well. Read more

Bus in Palawan: Getting around paradise

If you are going to get around the island, you will need to run a bus in Palawan. The structure of doing so is pretty straight forward and they operate pretty regularly for the most part. The good news is they all pretty much work on the same terminal. This is not always the case in the Philippines. Read more

Palawan Massacre: A piece of American history

One of the cool things about visiting Puerto Princesa is to relax in the gardens behind the Catholic Church. However, it is has a bloody past. It was the scene of the Palawan Massacre. Read more

Puerto Princesa Airport is a trick to use!

The good news they are finally building a new Puerto Princesa International Airport. The bad news is that is not finalized yet. That means we still to make do with our old one until then. I guess the new airport is one of the hidden blessings from Chinese aggression in the South China Sea. Read more

El Nido Bus: Getting to Northern Palawan

If you want to go to northern Palawan, you will need to get the El Nido bus. The good news is with the tourism boom, the days of two early buses a day are over. There is now buses pretty much around the clock. Ok, from 3am to 10pm. Read more

Sabang Beach in Puerto Princesa is pretty cool!

Sabang is the village that is home to the Underground River in Puerto Princesa but there is much more to the place that just the river. It is worth looking around the village a little if you have the time. Read more

Crocodile Farm: Best Sisig in the Philippines

When in Palawan, a cool place to visit (and get sisig) is the Palawan Crocodile Farm out on the South Rd out of Puerto Princesa. Yes, it is a farm that raises the crocs for harvest and yes, the government is making it a business. Read more