Complete guide to Fagalii Airport in Apia, Samoa

Just on outskirts of Apia town, the capital of Samoa is Fagalii Airport. It is here that you would go to fly to American Samoa using smaller eight seater planes. It is not much of an airport and you might miss it if you are not looking for it but it is useful for the purpose it was designed for: for planes to take off and land. Read more

Guide for Faleolo International Airport : Gateway for your Samoa Holiday

If you are thinking about a Samoa holiday, you will have to fly into Faleolo International Airport. It is the only international airport and only one of two in the whole country. The other one is Fagalii Airport. However, if you are going anywhere but American Samoa, this is the only one that matters. Read more

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What the Samoa passport scandal means to travelers to the Samoan Islands

There is a scandal underway concerning Samoan passports. It seems to go all the way up to the Prime Minister (not a surprise) and involves several levels of leadership. Part of this is being blown out by a mysterious guy named OLP (clearly not his real name). However, it could have some indirectly effects on travelers to Samoa. Read more

Having safe sex in Samoa: A discussion into the sex trade in the Samoan islands

The Ministry of Health in Samoa recently put out a report called National HIV, AIDS, and STI Policy 2017-2022. In it was some interesting findings from what I understand and even more interesting was the fact that the government actually admitted that prostitution was a problem in Samoa. (like poverty, they have always denying it) Read more

How to not offend a Samoan!

I came across an article from Samoa Observer, the local newspaper in Samoa about a woman very upset about some Chinese workers doing intense labor on Sundays. I thought it was worth asking the question: How to not offend a Samoan? Read more

Samoa : Heart of Polynesia

Samoa is one of the most interesting places I have been in the world. The people are warm, the islands are sunny and it is a trip back into time in many ways. It is like living “off the grid” and what backpacking was like before mass tourism. Read more

Taufua beach fales is the place to be!

If you are looking for a great beach experience on your Samoa Holidays, checking out Taufua beach fales is something you would be very interested in. It is the closest to the hostel experience that you will get in Samoa. I really enjoyed the time I spend there every time I was in Samoa. Read more

Samoan beach fales are amazing!

I have traveled the world but I have to say that sleeping in beach fales on my Samoa holidays is probably some of the best sleep I ever got. It is not five star resort hospitality and it is natural and very comfortable. Read more

Sina PJ Fales is a backpacker’s haven!

One of my favorite places to stay in Samoa is called Sina PJ Fales in the village of Tafitoala on the south coast of Samoa’s main island. It is not just cheap but some of the best Samoan hospitality I have seen anywhere in the country. Read more

Surfing Holidays in Samoa!

I am not much of a surfer. I have tried but failed badly. However, I have been around a lot of people on their surfing holidays. I just wanted to give this disclaimer as someone that is close but not as an actual surfer. Read more