Chase’s Cherry Mash : the pride and joy of St. Joseph, Missouri

Growing up, I came to love the Chase’s Cherry Mash. The iconic candy was not good, it was American made and made right in my hometown of Saint Joseph, Missouri. I guess you could say that the candy is a silent ambassador of the city. Read more

Jesse James : Confederate militia turned outlaw turned legend


Jesse James was from a few miles outside of St. Joseph but he was known to have spend a lot of time in the city. However, he was actually born where Kearney, Missouri is today. It is about 50 miles from the city. He was the son a hemp farmer and a Baptist pastor. His dad also help start the baptist William Jewel University in Liberty. He also had six slaves that farmed over 100 acres of land. Read more

Robidoux Row in St. Joseph is an interesting place to check out!

Much like the Pony Express Museum, the Robidoux Row house is also interested but for a different reason. It is the place where Joseph Robidoux, founder of St. Joseph, lived. It is just on the northside of downtown and it is just as you are entering into the Northend as locals call it. (I grew up in the Northend of St. Joseph.) Read more

Pony Express Museum in Saint Joseph is a must see for history.

Being from Saint Joseph, Missouri originally; I grew up hearing about the Pony Express often as it is one of the historical things that the city thinks is very important for the school kids to learn about. It kinda is important, it did change the way American receive mail across the country back in the mid 1800’s. Read more