Finding the ideal Smoker for the road: What is the best Barbecue smoker?

One of the channels on Youtube that I watch is BBQ Pit Boys (highly recommended). When I started at looking at getting a barbecue smoker for Kodiak Kitchen, I really wanted to get one from them. The problem is I am not ready to spend $1,200 on one quite yet. Read more

How to get cheap flights in America : Budget travel DOES exist!

I realize that most people do not connect travel in the United States with cheap. This is especially true if you have been to places like Philippines, Thailand or Cambodia. However, the truth you can still get some pretty cheap flights on airfare. Read more

Why bloggers should focus on America

I am a blogger. I am not just a blogger but I am a travel blogger. As such I write about different places and as I looking through some stuff for Travel the Fire!, I realized something: people coming the United States were almost 1000% more valuable to the website than from any other country.  Read more