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Amtrak’s Texas Eagle : Taking the train from St. Louis to Dallas

After riding the Missouri River Runner to St. Louis, the next order of business was to use the Texas Eagle by Amtrak to get to Dallas. This train is much bigger and it is made for long haul trips…. all the way to Los Angeles.  Read more


Amtrak’s Missouri River Runner : taking the train from Kansas City to St. Louis

Traveling from Kansas City to St. Louis is typical done by car or by plane but there is another option: Amtrak’s Missouri River Runner. It is a train that runs between the cities twice a day. It is a shame that more people do not use the cost effective service from Amtrak to be honest. Read more


How to take the ferry from Manila to Coron

Taking the ferry from Manila to Coron can be a challenge but the good news is the transportation system, namely the ferries, are slowly getting better. Coron, while popular for tourists, is still a small island group with a limited amount of Filipinos living on it. Ferry companies mainly cater to locals, not tourists so we are the after thoughts in many ways. Read more


Samoa Air is bad news for Samoa : Why the new flag carrier will harm tourism!

I have been following this launch of Samoa Air, the new airlines that is owned by the government of Samoa and seeing how they developed it. Too be quite honest, I am holding my breath about it because while Samoans can do many things, running large corporations does not seem to be in their skill set. The list of failed airlines in Samoa is quite long. Read more


Complete guide to Kansas City International Airport

While the glory days of TWA are over, Kansas City International Airport still remains to be a major hub to the United States and North America. It is from here that you can connect to about anywhere on the continent. The vast area of the airport is somewhat a challenge to get around so here is your guide to the airport. Read more


Getting around Kansas City : How to Ride KC (the bus) service

If you are coming to Kansas City to visit and you are arriving by either air, train or bus; you might need to get around using the Ride KC or the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. This is also known as the city bus to the locals. Read more

Using Greyhound to travel America is not as bad as it sounds

I have traveled all over America and sometimes, that included using the Greyhound Bus Line. It is not as bad as some may it out to be. In fact, there has been some major updates to the buses they use in recent years. It can be a pretty cheap way to visit different places. Read more

Traveling across America using Amtrak : Making a case for using trains to travel the United States

Most people just want to jump on a plane and jet set to some part of the country but I actually prefer to use Amtrak. I am a fan of the train system for some reason. If anything, I wish the US Congress would make a revival of the train system something of importance.  Read more

Guide to using PNR (Trains in Manila) in the Philippines

If you are needing to get around Metro Manila from the old Manila area out to the Las Pina (Alabang) past the airport, using the PNR (train system) in the Philippines is an option for you. Philippine National Railroad has been gutted but it still does run one route every hour until really late. Read more

How to get from Tokyo Airport to Osaka Airport

A question that people ask a lot is about to travel from the airport in Tokyo to the airport in Osaka. The reason being that most airlines from the United States and Europe serve Tokyo but most of the regional airlines use the Osaka airport in the south. The good news is that Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia are now adding directly flights to Tokyo so this trip might be a thing of the past. Read more