Down the road in Palawan

Traveling the road in the Philippines can be quite the challenge. It is not like America at all. Palawan is the last frontier in every way. 


How to merge travel blogs (and grow your website!)

For years, I have had four websites. One of them related to theology (a passion of mine), two travel websites and one about photography (another passion). However, I took a hard look at what I was doing with them and the fact that I was doing three times the work….and then merged them. Read more


Thinking through your marketing plan : A response to Torque by WP Engine

I recently saw an article by Torque called Actionable ways to drive conversions to your WordPress Website. It was a good article that it was too simple in its thinking. It basically just said use a sale tunnel, get their email, make a call to action and sit back and get rich.

Quickly into the article, the writer makes the point to call into question the ideal that traffic means a payday. This can be true or not true. Without traffic, you will never make a payout but if you get the wrong traffic, it won’t help either. (As a side comment, Adsense is driven by traffic from the right places)

If it doesn’t convert, then it won’t matter whether the number of monthly visitors is 100,000 or 0. That’s why what you should be paying attention to is your site’s conversion rate instead.

I believe there is a question every blogger must answer before considering t he traffic vs conversion rate. The question is: How do you plan to monetize your website? If you are just going to use Adsense, the right traffic from the right countries is king of the hill. Your conversion is those clicks that Google serves up.

However, if you are doing affiliate marketing (as Eaten Scroll) does or trying to sell your own product; conversion takes a whole different value in your ecosystem. It is the meaning of life or death for your startup.

The articles goes on to talk about developing a sale funnel and the importance of it….

The mistake many novice website owners make is trying to coerce a sale from a prospect as soon as he reaches the website.

The challenge here is it depends what type of website you are trying to build. If you are mostly an information website based on article of review and tutorials like this one is, having a direct sale vision actually makes sense. However, if you are marketing your own software, you better have a sale funnel.

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Amtrak’s Texas Eagle : Taking the train from St. Louis to Dallas

After riding the Missouri River Runner to St. Louis, the next order of business was to use the Texas Eagle by Amtrak to get to Dallas. This train is much bigger and it is made for long haul trips…. all the way to Los Angeles.  Read more

Eaten Scroll is leaving Kansas City.

By the time that you read this, Eaten Scroll will have move operations to Texas. There is a growing sector of the startup community in the Kansas City area but it is not developed anywhere close to what it needs to be. What does exist is basically a “good ole boy system.”

When I came home to Kansas City, I thought it was more developed and when I realize it was not, I still tried to make it work. I am from the city. I graduated from high school here. I got my first job here. I build my first dozen websites here too.

The reason that I said that Kansas City is a smart place to base remain true. It is still a major logistic hub for the region and the airport does serve every major airport in the country. None of that changes. If anything, they will at some point, get all the problems worked out and it will probably be a major startup city.

However, this is not right now and I need a startup community that is developed today. This is the main reasons (as far as business goes that I am moving to Austin, Texas.

10 reason Eaten Scroll left the city of Fountains

Many of them might not matter to you but they did matter to me so the company moved!

10) Geography of the city.

Kansas City is very large geographically speaking. In fact, it is 319 square miles. That is a third of the size of Delaware! While that is not a huge deal under normal cases, for someone who is disabled and has to depend on public transportation; it sucks!


Manila Airport is a trip by itself!

Having traveled the world, I find that one of the least loved airport seems to be Ninoy Aquino International Airport. In fact, it has been voted the worst by travelers for several years running. It is really that bad.  Read more

Why Google (and Amazon) loves Kansas City?

It is no secret that some big tech companies are pouring billions into Kansas City and have really started trying to build the city up to a regional center for technology. Two of these giants are Google and Amazon.  Read more