Qicsend Review : Transfering money from Canada to the Philippines

A client needed to send me money from Canada to the Philippines and Western Union was not working. After a little research, we found that Qicsend was probably the easiest way to do it. While it was not perfect and setting everything up took a few days, it worked all things considered. Read more


Pressable powers Travel the Fire!

When you are a blogger like you, you have to have good WordPress Hosting. I am talking about actual hosting that is tailored to WordPress website and build for us. It is not easy to find and there is only a few of them that do it very good. Currently that list is Page.ly, WP Engine and Pressable.

I will be honest. I would love to use WP Engine as they are the cream of the crop. They are really, really good at what they do and they have the support that is just down right amazing. I do not know enough about Page.ly to say anything about them. However, they are more into corporate accounts these days.

Why I use Pressable

Well, WP Engine is good if you have alot of money or just one website. I have three blogs about three niches currently. I would have to pay $100 for their service that gives me up to 100,000 views. I wish I could but I just can’t!

Pressable on the other hand offers a similar service, really good support, better prices and more views allowed. Plus, the CEO of Pressable is a former executive at WP Engine. All of that makes it is a winning solution for me.

I currently have a plan for 60,000 across five websites for $25 a month. That’s works!

Why not just use Hostgator?

This is a common question that I am asked and it is very simple. I use to work with them and they were great at one time but since they have been sold, they became just like the rest of the cheap hosting companies: crappy.

You get what you pay for and when you need great WordPress support; you will not get it with the cheap services like Hostgator and Godaddy. You hope you don’t need support but when you do, you want the best!

Another major issue with the cheap options is they overload traditional servers with many accounts. There is no telling how many websites are being served up on one servers. It could be thousands. This leads to slower speeds and Google hates slow websites.

Pressable’s FREE trail

They do offer a 15 days free trail to see what you think. I found launching a website is quite easy. Changing the nameservers was the hardest part of the process. If you want to check them out, Just click below and get started.