Moving to Boracay Island

Living in Boracay Island is very popular among some people looking to retire and be a beach bum. What is living on Boracay like and is it for you?

I will warn you, there is about a million tourist come through a year!

Before we start, understand that I am not a fan on Boracay Island and think is is a cheap knockoff of Hawaii. It use to have an amazing beach and it has been over ran by Koreans and Chinese tourists.

However, being the beach bum does really make some expats excited. Tim Tebow said it is his favorite place in the world once.

positives of living on Boracay Island?

Well, you have one of the best sunsets in the world. That alone could be a big draw. You also have something touristy to do any day of the week. Both of those are great to have at your fingertips.

The other positive is the development. You have everything you need, including Friday’s Hamburgers, right there and you would not need to leave the island very often for much.

LBC also delivers anything you need to the island from Manila so that is nice.

and the negatives

Well, the government there is corrupt as hell! Everything has a form and a fee and they add up. The current mayor, John Yap is probably the worst mayor in the country for this.

Add to that, you have a million tourist coming and destroying the island on their vacation. It has and does alot of damage to the place.

Another issue is all the vendors selling you everything from hats to sunglasses to jet ski package every 10 feet. It gets annoying.

The big issue for me is the growing prostitution problem on Boracay Island. It is out of control and the Police are doing nothing to stop it.

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Philippine Airlines is going to Papua New Guinea

While this might not matter for many of us, Philippine Airlines is not serving the nation of Papua New Guinea. This could really open up some things if they could remain in the market there. I have my doubts about it to be honest.

Philippine Airlines has really focused on getting their act together recently and I am very thankful for that. They have expanded their routes in the United States and returned to Europe. Now, they have added Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

If you are a traveler, going to the undeveloped PNG might be very interesting to say the least. In fact, a trip with Bokeh Travel could be on the cards in the near future for what we know. It would be a great option.

The Papua Warior by Suchet Suwanmongkol on 500px.com


Why go to Papua New Guinea

They have a very unique culture in the country and are still basically unreached by the modern world. They were a British colony once but that seems to be only on paper. For the most part, it is still like the Stone Ages here.

A friend of mine was there when a fight between two tribes broke out. As he was drinking a coke, he saw a gang of spears flying through the air. He told me that a few minutes later; another gang of them was flying the other direction. I guess spears are safer than M-16 shells!

Personally, I would love to go to Papua New Guinea and having Philippine Airlines serve Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby might make it possible. Until now, it has been very hard to go from the Philippines.

However, there is more than culture to drive travelers to the nation. It does have some amazing beaches. As I understand it, they have some sandy paradises that just run for miles. I have not see them but friends of mine return with the stories of how PNG is a tropic paradise!

Another thing that could draw some people is the basically untouched rain forest. Once you get away from the coastline a little, you would be deep into some of the oldest tropic rain forest in the world. I am sure there is alot of adventure waiting there for the traveler!

At the end of the day, it is about the focus on humanity and seeing the world. Most people will never make it to Papua New Guinea and if you can make it, you will have stories to tell that no one else can tell. It is about the experience more than anything else.

If you are a traveler, having experinces is what drives you, it is your bloodline. Being able to see what few will see is what would matter to you. As I said, if you can make it happen, go for it!

Papua New Guinea is not cheap!

One thing you will need to consider is the economy there is not good. Inflation is killing everyone and that means that everything from hotels to getting online cost more than it really should.

My research is that the cheapest place to stay (at least online) is over $60 a night. It might not be alot to you but it is when you are use to the Asian traveling market.

Flights around the country seems to be quite pricy as well. It appeared that $150-$200 is normal. That is a major difference. Sorry, there is no Air Asia or Cebu Pacific Air in Papua New Guinea. I wish there was!

Another thing that you will find very pricy as the internet. It is by the megabyte (MB) and it cost around $72 for 5GB of data. If interested, a normal hour on Facebook (no videos) is about 25MB so that would give you five hours a day total!