Pressable Hosting 101

I am a big supporter of Pressable Hosting but people ask me questions about using their service from time to time and I wanted to answer them for you. I highly recommend that clients use them.


Do you get email accounts with Pressable?

This is the most asked question about their hosting service and the answer is actually no. They are a managed WordPress Hosting company. They focus just on that. Email hosting is a different beast. They do make it easy to get email hosting through Godaddy, Rackspace or Google Apps. I personally use Office 365.

For technical reasons, I would recommend having email hosting and your WordPress website separate. It could not effect your page loading speed and you want that to be as fast as possible for SEO purposes.

I highly recommend using Microsoft’s Office 365 for most clients. It is quite amazing!

What about website migration?

Pressable has a form within their backend that you will give them the information to migrate your website to their servers. It will take them a day or two to make it work but that is the easiest way to get the migration done.

One of the good things about it is they do it for free. They do not charge $150 per website like Media Temple tried to charge me when I left Host Gator. I still can’t believe that rip off 🙂

Does WordPress come pre-installed?

Yes. They are a managed WordPress hosting provider and they provide you with professional installs quickly. It takes about a minute to have a WordPress installed.

The only downside is you will have to link your domain up with them which takes a few more minutes. I wish they could make this seamless but I guess there is some technical reason that they can’t.

It is worth noting that they only allow WordPress on their servers as they are a managed WordPress hosting.

Can I use all the WordPress plugins with Pressable?

All of them? No. The reason people come to Pressable is for their cache plugins and their backup systems. They come install with it. There is no reason to have two cache plugins fighting each other. The truth is the one designed by Pressable is much better than any free plugin you would load from WordPress.

I have not find a plugin that I want to use on Pressable that they did not allow yet. Most of them that are banned would actually just slow down your website anyways. The main ones that are banned have to do with cache and backups. (more on that next)

The only challenge that I have had is without a cpanel it has to do with any website across the account. It is not just a drag and drop like it is inside of cpanel!

What about backups?

This is one of the main reasons that I love Pressable. They back up the websites every evening and they keep them for 30 days. This is important because you might not notice a problem for a few days and need the backup from a week ago. Not an issue with them.

I am not sure if they use their own backup plugin or have partnered with VaultPress that is owned by WordPress themselves. It is very possible because Automattic, the company behind WordPress, now owns a majority of Pressable.

The good thing is this comes included and there is no hidden fee if you need a backup. Hostgator charges you $15 to get you own backup from there and Media Temple charges over $100. Pressable does not charge you a penny.

What about live support?

This is the only downside to Pressable and they are fixing it. When I first used them, they had two staff and was called ZippyKid. They have really grown since them and now have about a dozen staff they still are quite small compared to most companies in the hosting industry. Hostgator employs over 300.

The fact of the matter having a call center with dozens of WordPress experts is not going to happen when you have a dozen staff. It also means that there is no live support. Support is mainly by email and only dealt with during regular business hours. It might suck for some people but it is understandable.

The truth of the matter is I have hardly needed them for anything and one of the people in the office has given me his personal cell phone number to use if I have a really “mayday experience.”

What about page speed and limitations?

They host on Amazon Web Services (the cloud) so there is not much in the way of limitations. The way that Pressable bills is based on your page views and even the basic plan offers you 60,000 views across five website. This is very generous compared to their competitor, WP Engine, that offers one website 25,000.  After you reach the allowed views, you can be billed $1 for every thousand views in a spike.

They also have worked with Google Pagespeed to make your website load as fast as possible and the spiders at Google love that. They offer free SSL certificates for your website. That’s pretty sweet too. This is not to mention they have a free CDN network for their customers.

At the end of the day, they do a lot of things to make sure that customers have the best page speed possible and you have every technically right to perform well on Google search results.

What about WordPress updates?

They update WordPress and all plugins within WordPress automatically. You never have to worry about being outdated on that. People forget to update and leave themselves open to attacks by hackers. You don’t have to worry about that with Pressable.

If you have themes you bought from Theme Forest or plugins you got from other websites; you will need to update them. For example, I used SEO for Yoast Premium that does have to be updated but the basic version would update itself.

Having all the updates current means that your website is not only more secure but also faster to load which as I said is what Google’s spider love to see. If they love you, your position on the search result is better.

Do you want Pressable WordPress Hosting?

If you want to get amazing WordPress hosting, I highly recommend using Pressable Hosting. In fact, I use them for several of my website and you should as well.

I have worked with them to get you a special 20% off your first bill. You can also click the banner below as well.

If I trust Azusa Report that gets tens of thousands of views a month to Pressable, why shouldn’t you?

To test out Pressable for 15 days, click here.

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