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How to get cheap flights to Samoa

If you are looking cheap flights to Samoa, you are climbing a very steep hill. There is no Air Asia, Cebu Pacific or Southwest Airlines in the South Pacific. Flights are expensive in Oceania. However, I have found some keys to getting the cost down a little.

The first thing I need to say is things change when it comes to airlines so quickly in the South Pacific, this is only current as of June 2016.

There is four options to get to Samoa: American Samoa, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

  • American Samoa has Inter Island Airways and Polynesia Airlines from Pago Pago International Airport.
  • Hawaii has a Fiji Airways flight from┬áHonolulu International Airport.
  • Fiji has a flight from Fiji Airways from Nadi International Airport.
  • New Zealand has Air New Zealand from Auckland
  • Australia has Virgin Samoa and Brisbane and Sydney

The problem is none of them are cheap. If coming from the mainland United States, you can expect around $1,200 for airfare. New Zealand will set you back about $475 (USD). Australia will set you back $585. Fiji is the cheapest at $200. These are all round trips.

This is one reason that I believe that Samoa will never develop a serious backpacking or tourism sector. The mere cost of getting there is quite expensive to a traveler.

Cheap Flights to Samoa via American Samoa?

Some would ask, “what about coming through American Samoa? That would make it domestic most of the way.” Many would think this but the FAA does not feel a need to break up the monopoly that Hawaiian Airlines has on the route between Pago Pago and Hawaii. They seem to have a non-compete agreement with the government in American Samoa.

It is currently cheaper to fly from Los Angeles to Samoa via Fiji than it is from Hawaii to American Samoa.

One benefit that Samoa has for backpackers

The bad news is that anyone traveling for their Samoa Holidays will pay full price. It sucks but that is just the nature of the beast in the South Pacific. All the airlines with flights to Samoa operate the same.

The good news is that you do not need to book weeks or even months in advance because there is no sales, promos or specials. You can book a flight an hour before leaving and get the same basic price you would if you book it a year in advance. That is somewhat handy for people doing alot of traveling with no real concrete plans.

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