Checathlon Theme by Foxland

The theme that Mosaic Audit is using right now is called Checathlon that was build by Foxland. It is a guy named Sami Keijonen in Finland. God bless the Finnish!

How it started, like it does for most people, I need something better than the default theme to work with. I was looking about the depository to see what was new and I found the basic version of Checathlon and installed it to play with.

It was nice to look at and it laid out the reviews that I was making quite well. I found that it did everything I need for the most part without much custom work.

In reality, it was suppose to be a custom fix but ended up stay the main theme for now. Who knows if I change my mind and build a custom theme from the ground up later in the life of this website.

What I like about Checathlon?

It is clean and easy to get around. It also has a pretty cool font that does not go overkill. Those where the two things that really stuck out to me when I started using it.

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