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Cost U Less in American Samoa is a life saver!

There is no Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart in American Samoa. In fact, there is only a Costco type store in the territory known as Cost U Less. (There is also one in Fiji). It is nothing special and many American Samoans feel it is Cost U More due to their pricing structure. However, without an ID to use the military PX, options are very limited in American Samoa.

If you have alot of people to feed at a picnic or something, that is what Cost U Less is good for. They mainly sell large packages of food items. Some of the sizes are things that remind me of Sam’s Club in the mainland United States. It is cheaper per unit but the overall cost is higher.

They are the best option in American Samoa

One thing to consider is you are thousands of miles from California and getting quality food to the island is not easy. The reality is that your best option in town will be Cost U Less. The smaller grocery stores just do not carry alot of things. When they do, they normally buy them wholesale from Cost U Less and mark up the price.

So if you plan to have fresh meat, fruits or veggies that does not grow in American Samoa, you will just have to bite the bullet and pay the markup at the store. Welcome to American Samoa.

The 2014 Health Shut down

There was a concern about rats in the store’s backroom a few years ago. The American Samoa Department of Health came in and closed the store down for several days. It concerned many of the locals as well as tourist at the time. As far as I know, the company dealt with the problem right away and it has been pro-active and staying on top of the problem.

Pest Control is a problem in the Pacific. We are talking remote island with alot of tropic issues here, after all.

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