Crazy Domains is crap!

I needed to backorder a domain and I was told to try Crazy Domains out of Australia and we will just say it is quite crappy. They did not even seem to know where the domain would expire or anything. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

I had some reservations but they were quite sure they could do what they promised. They lied.

I am not a huge fan of domain services as they almost always over state what they can actually do. Crazy Domains is just one of them in a big pack of others. Godaddy does not seem to be much better.

My Crazy Domains story

One of my domains was really messed up and I could not change it. I need to let it drop and completely re-register it. It was registered to a company I had that has closed and the email connected to it was not any good today.

I signed up for the back order at Crazy Domains that promised me to get it the “second” it become free. I knew it had to be grabbed right away as some people would use it for ill purposes.

Well, the domain did drop and they did not pick it up as they said they would. The people who wish ill upon me got hold of it and it will not be a good thing at all.

I do not get what Crazy Domains thinks they can make outlandish promises that they do not plan to deliver. If you can’t get a domain, don’t act like you can. Over delivery is better than over hype. What it does is leave customers like I am: frustrated.

I hope I am wrong and this was just one case against many great stories but I am questioning I am the only one that has been let down by them.

Getting a backorder domain

The problem with getting a domain on backorder is the company that are good at it are very expensive. Several major domain provider do not even offer the service. I can respect that. The company that are good are over $50 to use. Crazy Domains was $10. I guess you get what you pay for.

I am not sure who I would use if I need one again but it will not be Crazy Domains. That is for sure! I am very disappointed to say the least.

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