Cuyo, Palawan is the forgotten gem of the Philippines

Cuyo, Palawan is is quite honestly one of my favorite places to relax and just unwind for a few days. It is a challenge to go to (no question about it) but that is part of the reason that it is so unique. Most people won’t make the trek to this forgotten gem in the Philippines.

Let’s start with the big elephant in the room. It is very hard to get a flight to the island (not recently become possible) so you will need to take a ferry using Milagrosa Shipping from Iloilo City or Puerto Princesa. This right here keeps most people from making the trip. Only the hard core travelers will do the ferry.

The other reason that keeps people away (and I can’t stay for long) is there is limited to no internet access on the island. It is in the middle of the Sulu Sea but it does seems the telecommunication companies see bringing fiber internet in the town is worth the investment. I do not blame them to be honest.

What is in Cuyo, Palawan?

It is just a sleepy town on a remote island. You can find cheap places to stay for about $5 at Nikki’s Pension on the beachfront or there is another hotel a street back for about $15 a night. It is called Feroland Hotel. Both are cost to the town and you are walking distance to about everything that you need.

Being a small town, there is a few basic restaurants and you want something that they do not have and you can get the supplies you need at the market by Nikki’s, the restaurants will normally be more than happy to make it for you. Just give them a little money for the propane they use cooking.

There are a pretty decent beach there and they also have a really cool little fort area that was built to protect the people against Moro pirates back in history. It is a pretty cool place to poke around when you are done chilling at the beach.

You can always rent a bike from Nikki’s as well for a few hundred pesos and drive around the island if you want. It is a very cool place to explore. I have done it.

Kite Surfing in Cuyo?

I am not one of those guys that will get my big old butt up the air like that. Let’s establish that from the start. However, in the last few years, there has been a growing trend of kite surfers making their way to Cuyo because they claim that it has some of the best winds in the world. One of them said it rivals Hawaiian winds.

What I do know is there is a growing influx of travelers on the ferry trip and there is always about a dozen kite surfers on the island when I have been there the last few times. They are very nice people (mostly Europeans) and they just do their thing and chill at the beach. I have had some great conversations with them.

The only real concern that I would have about it is that there is only a district hospital on island and you have about 10 hours by boat to the closest real hospital if something serious happened while you are out there having fun. However, that is part of the exoticness of being in a remote island in the Philippines, right?




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