DigitalRev is dead : The future for Kai Wong

DigitalRev, the popular photography channel out of Hong Kong has lost Kai Wong, Lok Cheung, and Alamby Leung. You might not realize this but this make the most popular photography channel on Youtube basically dead.

Some might make the case that this is not a bad thing for people in the HDR Photography niche as Kai Wong was quite the jerk about High Dynamic Range imagery on many occasions. However, I think people are missing the point.

As HDR photographers, we are first just photographers. The contribution offered to the wider community from DigitalRev was quite large and very important. Without it, there is a void that will have to be filled.

What is DigitalRev and why it matters

First of all, they are a community of photographers. After that, they are a retailer of camera gear. Thirdly, they are a Youtube channel. They are (was) a very popular channel at that.

The channel lost Alamby Leung to start with a few years ago. It created a void. (Especially for the men that watched 🙂 However, Kai Wong and Lok Cheung trucked along and made it work for the company.

Now, both of them have resigned from the company as well. They have both started their own Youtube channel!

This will send major waves through the whole photography community and it is the latest in a session of major changes in the Youtube space. This is in light of events like Matt Granger moving to New York City from Australia.

What will happen to Kai Wong?

Well, as I understand it, he is living in Germany now and still doing camera reviews. It is bootstrapping the project as he does not have the budget of DigitalRev anymore. However, it will make things more interesting and well, realistic.

I have always liked his “can do” spirit and that will not change just because he is not with DigitalRev anymore. He really does encourage me to think in fresh ways. While I do get sick of his Anti-HDR Photography cheap shots, I take the hate with a grain of salt because he is just a jerk on Youtube as part of his persona.

Lok Cheung is also try to make it on his own in social media. He does not have the presence of Kai Wong but he does have a sizable following already and he should do fine.

Like many, I will be watching them and see what becomes of the three. I expect that each of them will grow on their own platforms and enjoy having complete control over their own creativity. I guess we will have to wait and see but it is what I am expecting that we will see.

Update on DigitalRev and Kai Wong

The Youtube channel is trying to go forward with a new guy but he does not have the pull that Kai Wong and Lok Cheung had. They are doing the best they can, I assume. It is still working as their main model is use Youtube to sell camera gear on their website. It does work for that and plus, they have all the old videos with the duo.

I am interested in know how the DigitalRev company will come out and I hope it builds so it can directly channel B&H out of New York. I would love to see some serious competitors. In this happens, the photography community is the ones that really benefits in the end.

As for Kai Wong, he has his own channel as I said, and as of today, it is sitting at 509,000 subscribers and has close to 19 million views. Most of the people that use to watch DigitalRev has just headed over to the new channel as expected.

Lok Cheung has not done as well but he is sitting at 131,000 subs and roughly 3,000,000 views. He is not as funny as Kai so this is expected to be honest.

As far as Alamby Leung, she has been for so long that people have forgotten about her for the most part but she is sitting at about 17,000 subs and 143,000 views.

Here is what all four channels have done over the last 28 days.


As you can tell, DigitalRev has tons of older videos with Kai that are still getting views but they are getting less than half the subs that they use to because they are not hosting the show anymore. Kai is quickly growing and will be at a million subs very quickly.

I wish the DigitalRev team and Kai Wong the best and hope everything works out for everyone on their Youtube channel?

Buying from DigitalRev?

I have never actually bought anything from them but as a theory, I want to see them make it as a major competitor. I am all about the free market and we need as many companies in the market as it will bear.

With that said, my concern is the shipping from Hong Kong to the world. While I am a huge fan of Hong Kong and especially their postal service; it does mean all the gear has to cross the Pacific when shipping to this side of the world. This can also cause delays.

Another factor to consider, depending on what country, is import fees. I am not sure what agreements that Hong Kong has in place with some of these smaller countries. It could possibly be better to buy from an American company shipping from the mainland due to import fees. This will be completely dependent on what trade agreements your country has with Hong Kong.


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