is good for….domains!

I know this might come at a surprise but is a great place to buy a domain for your website. I see their ads like you do everywhere and thought I would try them out for a domain. At the time of this writing, I have not tested out their web hosting. I am sure I will at some point.

Someone send me a free domain coupon worth $10.98 and I want to get a domain for my website about living in Fiji so I took the time to see how it works and what are my thoughts on their domain service.

They have selling domain names and web hosting since 2000. They have really started to get a market share of the domain industry in the last few years though. They are second just behind, Godaddy!

Checkout is very user friendly

As you can see above, I typed in the keyword and it gave me a list of options to buy.They also upsell private registry for $8.99 and make sure to uncheck that box if you are not interested. They like try and suggestive sell other domains to you like any other domain registry out there.

You just go through all the process that you have to do and when you get to the final page, you can enter any codes you have for a free domain or a discount. I had one so I put in the box and clicked apply.

They also offer you to get Constant Contact, an e-mail marketing service and Google’s email service called G-suite. I did not need either of them. I use Freshmail for the mailing list and I am quite happy with the webmail application of Media Temple.

What happens after you register the domain?

Now, let’s talk name servers and how to get to them. It did take me a few minutes to fiqure out their dashboard. It is not the easiest to get around.

Once you get to the interface, the domain information is at what is called Domain Central. After that, here is the steps for updating the name servers to whatever hosting provider you use. We recommend Media Temple currently.

  • Click the domain you want to change
  • Navigate over to name servers in the heading
  • Click custom name servers
  • Enter the new location for the domain to point.
  • Click Save.

How long does it take to go live?

This is where I felt off the wagon. It took one of the domains up to 18 hours to start showing up with the new content. While that is still within the acceptable time frame, I do not understand why it takes that long. I know the industry says up to 24 hours but most times, it is more like 24 minutes.

This could be a lot of different factors that is causing this. It might be things that has control of and it might not be. I did find that MediaTemple picks them up a few hours faster than HostGator does.

As you see above, there is a few things under security that you might want to look into. Getting what they call Namesafe for $2.99. It is a step above just locking your domain. It is only $3 so I would suggest doing it.

Another thing to look at the ICANN IRTP policy. This means any changes you make can not changed or moved for 60 days.

My final take on as a service for to register

I did use them a few times, mostly when someone gave me a coupon for a free domain. I have nothing against them and I do think they have a good service.

If you would like to get a domain from them, just click the banner below.


Mosaic Audit is hosted by Media Temple currently. They have some awesome technology behind them. To be our honest (not all Kodak moment speech) review on them, click here.

If you are interested in finding out more about their service, click below and yes, you are supporting the website but using this link!

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