Eating guide to Apia, Samoa

If you are in Samoa, you will spend at least a day in Apia. You will need to get some food at some point. There is always a need for eating in Samoa. This little guide is to help you find some decent places to check out along the way.

Before I go any futhur into this discussion, let me give this disclaimer: I have not been to Samoa since 2013 so the places could have changed owners, names or not even exist anymore. Restaurants in this Pacific countries open and close like a revolving door it seems. I have done my best to check on them using social media though.

Five options for great eating in Apia!

If you are hoping that I would list McDonalds, I am sorry to disappoint you. It might be the only fast food restaurant in the country but most people are not looking for a Big Mac while on vacation.

The first place to look for food is someone hidden but it is worth checking out. It is on the corner of Togafu’afu’a Rd, a block over from McDonalds and it is next door to ANZ main bank. If you go to the back of the building, there is a small Chinese restaurant there. I do not know the name of it but it is good, cheap food that alot of locals love.

Also across the street is another eatery but I do remember it being the same value as this Chinese owned one is.

The second option for Samoa eating is a very popular one just around the corner. It is called Pinati’s Restaurant. It is open around the clock and you can get a decent amount of food pretty cheap. It is right by the Catholic Church. I use to go there and get fried chicken late at night. Super good value.

The third option would be to the market at Fugalei. At the back side of the market is just rows of cheap eating options. I mean you can eat for a dollar or less here. It is not the healthiest food but it is very much cheap.

Samoan food

The fourth option is to find the BBQ stands around town. Here you can find cheap food in a tray for just a few bucks. It is normally some lamb, sausage, bananas and a few other things. It is not that bad to be honest. You normally can find it for $2 USD or so. It is very good when you are looking to eat on a budget!

The last option is not really for those cheap stakes but I really like it. There is a pizzeria on the beach road that is pretty good. Italiano’s Pizzeria does have great food but it does seem to take quite some time to get the food after ordering it. However, that is just life in Samoa to be honest.

I know there are other places around Apia to get cheap eating. This is just the places I went alot. People are free to give me other places to add to the list.

What are the cost of cheap food in Apia?

I would say you can have a good meal for $2-3 in most cases. If you want a good eating, you might spend up to $10. I did try the Aggie Grey’s Breakfast Buffet that is $10. It is quite good but seriously over priced if you ask me. Most backpackers won’t be going there. It is more for the professional business vistors and high rolling tourists!

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  1. Ace Chen
    Ace Chen says:

    he pizza place on Beach Rd is called Italianos. And only $10 for the breakfast buffet at aggies, I don’t think it’s that cheap. Pinatis and sunrise…always good for those cheap late night eats. For a bit higher end, Paddles and the Edge down by the marina are good for dinner. Amanaki has the best poke in town…always good seafood there since they own a boat.

  2. AJ Mikez Leo
    AJ Mikez Leo says:

    First and foremost if you haven’t been here since 2013, you are so outdated. There are plenty of good places to eat with different prices. Hilo Ice Cream Shack has great food, more to American pallet. Also Milan Cafe, Amanaki just to name a few. You need to update yourself and come and find out. See you soon.


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