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Emotional health for travelers in America

As a general rule, traveling can be quite challenging. This is especially true when you are talk about emotions. As you move around, you will deal with stressful events that happen and at some point, they will affect you in the area of emotional health.

This is part of life and everything can get a little louder when you are dealing with people in different regions and different mindsets. For example, the mannerism of someone in New York City is very different than those in the deep south. The outlook of a native Hawaiian is going to clash with those in Michigan. This is even more true when you consider international travel.

The good news is as you travel, you will start to see different things and it will (or at least should) create empathy for other who are trying to make the most of their lives as well. It will make you a better person, better American, and better human being.

Airport layover
Having airport layovers can be very stressful

How does emotional health play into things

The first thing is the stress. If you have ever traveled on an airline, you know the stress of doing it. If you do that regularly, you can imagine the stress that could pile on someone. Traveling by ferry, train, and bus is not any less stressful. Many travelers have been doing this for years and that means a lot of stress has been dealt with during that time.

The second issue is other travelers and their own emotional health. Many people are on the road because they are running from having real relationships with people. As you travel, you will rub shoulders with many of these people and it will effect you as well. Some times, the only meaningful discussion you can have is with someone who is trying to run from their problems.

The third thing to consider is that you will miss major events back home. I was in the Philippines when my father passed away and could not get back to Missouri. I was in Fiji when a close friend died. These both were very stressful things to deal with and I was half away around the world and helpless.

Tips for emotional health as travelers

Last Kodiak is mainly for Americans traveling in America (Valenisoqo is about international travel) so you don’t really have the challenge of dealing with people of other cultures and languages. However, these three principals seems to work anywhere.

Stay away from the Old timers. It seems there is also some old man wherever you are that is the experts but he has only lived in the area for a short time himself. When outside of the country, they are called expats. Inside of America, this is especially true in Hawaii, California, Texas and Florida. Watch out for the know it alls.

Have down time. Probably the greatest thing I have learned to do is have time away from everything to just relax my mind. I do not think about travel, websites, or anything else. I just have music playing and relax. This is a principal I learned a long time ago that was practiced by Catholic monks known as the contemplative life.

Block the haters. The loudest people about my travel is those who are against them. Learn to love that block button. They will troll you everywhere they can and do it with passion. Just block them at every avenue they try and go on loving your life. It is all you can do.

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