Fagatogo Market in American Samoa

The Fagatogo Market is a brand new market that was built with government funds under President George W. Bush. It was officially opened a few years ago but has never really been used for some reason. It is also a point of frustration for some local American Samoans. It was over budget and scaled way down from the original plans.

What I do know is what is done is pretty nice. It is probably the nicest market in the South Pacific. The actual construction of it is quite good. It will not be blow over by cyclone like some in Fiji are.

Personally, I believe the reason that it goes largely unused is more about the policies of the government more than anything else. I have no idea what the governing agencies demands of the farmers to use the market.

Shopping at Fagatogo Market

There is really four areas in the market right now: fruit section, shops, eateries and fish section.

The fruit sellers are in the open area and they sell a group of banana for a dollar or two. It depends how big the pile is. There is always at least a few farmers down there selling their produce.

To the left is the shops that are selling traditional Samoans clothes and different non-food things. I think there is three shops over there if I remember correctly.

The back of the building has 4 or so eateries that sell cheap meals to the people coming to get some fruit and fish. I do not remember prices.

On the back corner is a clean, air conditioned room that fish sellers use for their product. You can buy any fish you would want there. They do seem to have a pretty good selection.

The frustrations of the Farmers

According to them, they are promised that the Fagatogo Market would be completely air conditioned and it was going to be two stories among other things. It was scaled back and scaled back to the budgets.

They hold that, like many things in American Samoa, money was taken by politicians in shady business dealings. Corruption is epidemic in American Samoa. I do not know if this was the issue with the market or not. I do know that it is a major issue with government officials in the territory.

One thing I do know is the market is mainly unused and it does not makes why. It is really nice.

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