Fiji Airlines: traveling the Fiji Islands

While some might come by yacht, most will need to come by plane. That leads to a question: What is the Fiji airlines system like and it is practical to use it?

I believe answering this question requires a two part answer and that is what this article will seek to give you. One is about international flights to Fiji and the other would be using domestic flights. It is not as simple as it is like in Australia or the United States.

Fiji Airlines providers include the national flag carrier, Fiji Airways, Aircalin, Air Kiribati, Air New Zealand, Air Niugini, Air Vanuatu, Jetstar Airways, Korean Air, Nauru Airlines, Solomon Airlines, Virgin Australia, and soon to be China Southern Airlines.

fijilinkFiji Airlines Within the islands of Fiji

Once you are in the country, using the airlines becomes optional. I actually recommend not using them unless you really need to. Who flies to Paradise to see it at 12,000 or higher? You would be much better off using the buses and ferries to get around. This is especially true for people that are backpacking the Fiji Islands.

However, I did use the Pacific Sun (now FijiLink) to fly from Nadi International to Nausori International in Suva one day when I had to be in the capital to get some paperwork. It is on a smaller prop plane called ATR 72-600. It was not a bad trip but I do not think it was worth $150 USD to be honest. The bus that takes four hours for $8 is much better and much more economical.

The only domestic Fiji airlines flight that I could think of someone needing would be the trip up to Rotuma. It is just too far any other way. The ferries take three days to make the trip. Flights are very expensive but I see no other practical option for going to the Fijian territory.

Use the Fiji Airlines for International only

I believe that you should try and use the local transportation as much as possible. It is always best to go local. If you need to get a flight, it is possible but in my opinion; it should be a last resort.

For some on a backpacker’s budget, it could mean the different between staying a week and staying two weeks. Saving on domestic travel is one way to stay in the Fiji Islands longer than you could if you use the Fiji Link.

Another practical tip when leaving Fiji if coming from the northern islands, would be go to either Auckland or Port Vila (Vanuatu), out of Suva’s Nausori International Airport.



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