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Fiji Barbecue – How the Fijian people eat!

I do not understand it but Fijians are obsessed with these $5 Fijian plates of Fiji Barbecue every evening. I understand they are cheap, easy and you don’t have to cook at home. Maybe, that is why they love them so much. I just didn’t think the street food was that good, personally.

Pretty much every single night along the road in every town across Fiji is people out there with their propane grills cooking Fiji Barbecue for the masses. During the festivals, there is rows of these shalls serving the masses of the Fijians.

I will admit that I have eat the dish a few dozens too many times.


How does Fiji Barbecue work?

You find out where they are, you walk up to them and tell them how many plates you would like. After doing that, you just wait for them to cook up the food. It is really that simple. A few minutes later, they will hand your plates.

The plate will normally include a sausage, an egg, some chop suey and possible one other item. It is really simple but like I said, the Fijians love these things.

Personally, I am more a Fried Chicken guy from Wishbone than Fiji Barbecue. However, the price at Wishbone is not $5 for a nice plate of chicken either! I guess that factors in when you are making $1.15 USD an hour.


Where to find the Barbecue stands?

In Suva, they line up in the parking lot across from the YWCA next to the red parking garage. There is 3-4 of them right there side by side. There is normally a few other over by the market and bus station too.

In Nausori, you can find them in front of the Westpac bank every night of the week. There is also a guy that comes out to the bus station there sometimes.

If you find yourself in Navua town, they line up the river across from MH Supermarket to grill every evening. Be warned, they do not stay there all night like they do in Suva.

Nadi has them all along Main Rd and in the parking lot of Jet Point grocery store all night. There is also a few of them in the Namaka area. You just have to look for them.

I do not remember where they are in Sigatoka or Lautoka. If someone knows, comment below and I will update the article!



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