Riding the bus in Fiji

If you are on a tight budget, you will probably be going around Fiji on public transport. The bus are pretty decent but be warned: they are on Fiji time. Fiji bus is not a bad way to go.

The Fiji bus system is two fold: local and cross island. If you are going local, they all leave from a set location known as Bus Stands. In Suva, that is next to the Market and they mostly go to Nausori that next to MH Supermarket. In Nadi, it is behind the market across from Court’s Department Store and in Lakota, it is behind the market as well.
If you are taking a local Fiji bus anywhere in the country, it is pretty quick and reminds me alot of jeepneys but in the old Indian style bus. They are moving parties sometimes with loud music and people even dancing.

You get on the bus, swipe a card for payment now, find a seat and enjoy the bus ride in Fiji. Most local trips are about $2 or less depending how far you go. I think the most expensive local trip I did was from Nadi to Laukota and that is $2.40 or $1.33.

What about long hauls on a Fiji Bus?

If you are going across the main island, you will take Pacific Transport or Sunbeam. From Nadi to Suva which is about four hours; that is going to cost you $15.70 ( $8.70) It will go to Sigatoka then on to Pacific Harbour on the way into Suva.

Another option that you have is take a mini-van to Suva or Nadi and it is about the same price but it will only stop once in Sigatoka. They run around the clock though. They will beat the buses by about an hour but they do so by speeding and you are packed into a van that is over-crowded sometimes.

I personally perfer the big Fiji bus over the van because being crowded for several hours is no fun. 

Just say No to taxi

Taxi drivers will try everything known to man to convince not to use a bus or a van. They are like the rest of the taxi driver in the world and they are trying to get a passenger and will lie, steal and cheat to do so. Be forewarned.

Very few places a taxi goes, a bus does not also go. Along the main roads; you will never have an issue.


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