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Fiji holidays for the Backpackers

If you want to do some Fiji holidays, you don’t need a million dollar to pull it off. While most people are looking to go and break the bank in Yasawa Islands, you can for sure do the trip very cheaply if you know what you are doing and where to find the information. The good thing is Backpacking the Pacific is a great starting point.

There seems to be three types of Fiji Holidays seeker that I see:

  • Weekend Warrior
  • Week Holiday
  • Extended Holiday

Each of them require during planning and also have a very different budget. A weekend getaway from Australia or New Zealand will result is more money spend quickly than an extended holiday around the country trying to see as much as you can.

Weekend Warrior Getaway

If your Fiji holidays is just a weekend from Australia that you are flying up on Friday and back late on Sunday, your time is limited but you can be less concerned about how much money you are spending. I don’t mean that you are wasteful but you aren’t trying to make it last for months, either.

I would suggest this as a possible battle plan

The total of your weekend in Fiji would come to roughly $350 USD. It is not exactly backpacking but you are are somewhat limited on time. Another option would be stay at Horizon Beach Backpackers, go to Sleeping Giant and do it all yourself. That could bring down your Fiji Holidays cost to around $100 USD.

Week long Holiday

If you are coming for a week to Fiji, you have a little more time and I would suggest getting out of Nadi as soon as you can. Nadi is mainly just the place for landing and going back home.

The following is assuming a Friday to Thursday trip. If this is not what you are doing, just plan accordingly.

  • Friday afternoon, land in Nadi International Airport
  • Head for Mango Bay Resort for the weekend.
  • Monday, travel to the Pacific Harbour for a couple days
  • Wednesday, travel to Suva and explore the city.
  • Thursday morning, head back to Nadi International Airport.

I believe this a good mixture of a proper Fiji Holidays and some backpacking to save money. Mango Bay Resort is a proper holidays destination that is somewhat affordable. Pacific Harbour is a nice place for more upscale travelers and you will find alot of cool things in Suva. A great week in Fiji awaits you.

Month long Fiji Holidays

This is where backpacking starts to play into the story. If you are coming for a month, you have to go cheap and go local. I believe you can easily do Fiji on $1,000 USD for a month if you follow the advice of Backpacking the Pacific.

Again, the idea is to get out of Nadi as fast as you can and get out to the Fiji, the real Fiji, the way the world should be as they say.

  • Spend a few day in Luatoka
  • Go down to Sigatoka
  • Spend a few days in Pacific Harbour
  • Go to Suva for a few days
  • Take the ferry to Kadavu Island for a week
  • Go to Levuka, Fiji’s original capital
  • Go to Vanua Levu for a week
  • Go to Taveuni for a week
  • Travel back to Nadi to fly out of the country.

This is considering using local transportation and finding cheap places to stay for $15 a night or less. Doing that, you could cover alot of ground on your experience of Fiji Holidays. There might be planning to be done to make sure you hit the ferries right, especially to and from Kadavu. There is only two of them a week.


Which options is best for you?

It really comes down to how much time you have. If you have more time than money, come and do the month long backpackers option. You will love it.

If you can only get a week off work, you might think about doing the Week long Fiji Holidays. It will give you an amazing vacation and let you get to see some amazing people and interact with locals as well.

If you can just getaway for the weekend, going to Nadi and just doing the normal tourist thing is your best options.

If really is all up to you!


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