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Fiji Holidays Packages are rip offs!

Alot of people look at these Fiji Holidays packages and use them because they do not realize they do not have to. It is not needed. You can have an amazing Fiji vacation without spending extra money but just a little planning. That is what Bokeh Travel is here to help you with.

Fiji Holidays packages have been sold for decades and there was a time that you really did need them. Today, with the internet and the amount the information out there on the web; things have really changed. You can save hundreds of dollars but just spending a little time doing researching. That is good news.

Nadi International Airport is full of people trying to sell packages where they are making a commission. That is how much the tourist and traveler is getting ripped off. The companies are making alot of money and paying huge commissions as well. It is hundreds of extra money every single sale they get.

I did some IT work for one of these companies while in Fiji and I saw how bad the tourist get screwed with my own eyes.

fiji-resort-girlsHow to save on Fiji Holidays Packages

The first thing you should do is look to the right on this website and see the search bar. Look for where you want to go and see if Bokeh Travel has an article about it. There is new articles about the time in Fiji be added all the time. If there is not one, google it and see if you can find someone who has been there!

Read as many articles from travelers as you can and get a feel for what is really going where you want to visit. This will be much more helpful to you than some sales person pimping Fiji Holidays packages to you. I promise you that.

After doing the research, book your flights and get accommodations. I use HostelWorld personally for that in most cases if I am going somewhere I haven’t been before. It works really good.


Enjoy your time in the Fiji Islands!

Once you figured out basic planning and know where you are going, just get ready to have a great time. You will see some of the best views possible in the world while in Fiji. It is too breath taking.

While you are in the islands, you also will meet some pretty amazing Fijian people. They love to smile, say “Bula,” and drink Kava. It is their national drink. Make sure to try it!

You will have an amazing time as you leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but picture in the South Seas!





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