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Fiji Hotels: Your guide to an awesome holiday!

The truth is that Fiji Hotels are all over the board. There is some very cheap options and some very expensive options. I have stayed in both. I will admit that many of them are over-priced. However, you are talking about the South Seas and not Southeast Asia!

The good news is you can find a place to stay for about as much as $5-6 USD if you really look. There is ways to save money while in the Fiji Islands. That is what Bokeh Travel is all about.

It seems that Nadi has the best Fiji Hotels but there are some good options in the Pacific Harbour and in the capital city of Suva as well. They cost a little more but still great options.

nadi-womenUnderstanding Fiji Hotels

The first thing that you need to do is figure out what you need and what exactly you want to do while in the Fiji Islands? The ability to be close to transportation and walking distance to things is very important to me when I am traveling but it might not be for you. I am just not the resort type guy.

However, a tourist might have a different goal. They might want to find a hotel that they can do everything they need to do right there and never leave the grounds. I have had that experience as well when I stayed at the Outrigger Fiji resort.

If you know you want to get out and about while in Fiji, I highly recommend that you look for a Fiji Hotels along the Queens Highway that runs from Nadi to Lautoka. This will give you easy access to transportation to most of the things you will want to do.

If you stay in Wailoaloa Bay (alot of hotels are there), just realize that there is only 2-3 bus to Nadi per day without a long walk to Queens Rd.

uprising-fiji-resortWhat about the Pacific Harbour or Suva?

I always tell people to start their Fiji Holidays in the Pacific Harbour area and then go out from there. It is much better than Nadi town. Finding a good Fiji Hotels in the PacHar is normally between $30-$60 a night on average. However, they are on par with anything you would see in America. I personally really like the Uprising Fiji.

When you are in Suva, the options are alot more limited but that is not the end of the world. A popular option for many is the Colo i Suva Lodge by the national forest. It is very nice and relaxing up there and getting transportation to downtown Suva is not a challenge during daylight.

Another option would the Holiday Inn Suva. It is not as cheap but it is a very good options and ran just like the ones in the United States. Their rates around $139 USD a night. The good news is there are options for you.


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