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Fiji Resorts: Just say no to them!

This is not really about Fiji resorts but more about them in general. I have some strong views on resorts and it is not the best. I will warn you. This is a little bit of a rant! I think resorts are just plain fake and there is nothing authentic about them in the least!

So you come to Fiji, go to some resort, see the place for a week and then you are driven back to the airport to go home. You spend alot of money but you didn’t really come to Fiji; you just came to the resort that you have thousands of dollars to. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is the truth!

Everything about the Fiji resorts, like everywhere else, is completely fake and any act of Fijian culture is also fake and completely lacking authenticity. A kava ceremony in your five star resort is not like being in the village with real Fijian people having Fijian Kava. One is nothing like the other. 


Get away from Fiji Resorts

The best thing that most people can do is get away from the Fiji Resorts and get out and meet the people, drink the kava, eat the Fiji BBQ, and experience the sights of life among the Fijian people.

The culture of the Fijian people is not something you can package up, sell, and franchise it out to investors. They have tried and they have failed big time if you ask me. Culture is something that only be experienced in its’ original environment.

The Fijian people are friendly but you will never know that as less you get yourself out where they are and get to known them as people, not just staff getting a paycheck for the performance.


It will save you alot of money too!

On top of the cultural experience you will have, it is also economical to get away from Fiji resorts. These resort exist to make millionaires alot of money. They are more concerned with that than they are your Fiji Holidays. You are just a means to an end to be honest.

Getting out where the people, the culture, and the experiences are will save you alot of money. I can have the experience in the Pacific Harbour at Uprising for $30 a night or I can have it at the Pearl Resorts for $300. Staying at the Uprising and getting in the villages around the Pacific Harbour will be much more authentic.

At the end of the day, I can not think of a reason that anyone (that is not on business) would consider spending Fiji Holidays at one of the resorts. Maybe, it is just me but it just doesn’t make sense.


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