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Fiji Vacations can be affordable!

Alot of people, especially from North America, think that taking a Fiji vacations is just out of their budget. This is mainly due to only seeing the high end of Fiji tourism. The reality is there is cheaper options to still have an amazing time in the Fijian Islands.

While there is a challenge with finding cheap flights to Fiji, once you are on the ground; it is very possible to save some money by going local and staying at locally owned hotels. You do not need a five star resort to have an amazing Fiji vacations!

I firmly believe that a small family could come and enjoy Fiji on about $1,000 USD for a whole month if they go local, stay local and support local business.


Key to Fiji Vacations: going local

I know this might seen like it is hard to do and not really touristy but the reality is the more you work with the Fijian owned establishment, the cheaper your Fiji vacations will be and the more authentic your adventure will be as well.

I have stayed in a local hotel in the scenic Vunisea, Kadavu for $25 USD a night on the beach. I have eat some amazing Fijian food for less than a dollar. The options are there if you want to search them out.

The reality is that taking a local bus in Fiji is normally just a dollar or two. To cross the whole island is only eight bucks. Finding a place to sleep is normally between $10-20 on average. Food can be found for just a few bucks. I can say this because I did it for eight months of having my own Fiji vacations in the beautiful Fiji Islands.

It will be up to you to determine if you are willing to go local to make a vacation happen for you or not.

Pacific Harbour fijiWhere to look if you do go local?

My suggestion would be to take the famous tourist spots and just forget about them. Find places that are nice but not over ran with resorts.

My first suggestion would be to head to the area known as Pacific Harbour. This is a great place to start and get a feel for being in Fiji. There is places to stay there that are locally owned for $20USD and up. There is also some very affordable places to eat there for a few dollars.

After being there a few days, you might look at where to go next. Options could be Kadavu, Sigatoka, or go inland for a jungle experience.

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