Cheap Flights to the Philippines

One of the most common questions that I see people ask is how to get cheap flights to the Philippines from the United States. Many do not want to drop a $1,000 or more on flights. They know there has to be another way.

The reality is that cheap flights and long haul flights don’t really go together. These long trips are the cash cows for the airlines. However, there is a way to save quite a bit on airfare. However, it does mean it might take longer to get where you are going.

This is how I have traveled around the world on the cheap.

Cheap Flights do not come to the Philippines

As of right now, only Philippine Airlines does flight to the United States mainland. (Cebu Pacific Air did just start a trip to Guam) What you do is start looking for flights to other Asian cities. I find that flights to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo are the places to start. I have seen flights from Los Angeles to Hong Kong for $389 each other before.

It is alot of researching. You have to go to the travel sites but also check each airline’s website serving the airport and see if they have a better deal. Some airlines do not like to use travel sites.

Use a cheap flight within Asia

Once you are in Asia, finding cheap flights here is very easy. Cebu Pacific Air, Air Asia, and Tiger Air all fly pretty much everywhere and they normally have some very good deals on flights. I have flown from Hong Kong to Clark International Airport for about $30.

The only downside to using them is when it comes to the Philippines, they almost always go to Manila. If you are going anywhere else in the Philippines, you will have to connect somewhere.

Check out another hack of saving some cash on flights here by our friends over at Rustic Nomad.

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