Finding Samoa accommodation

One of the first things to consider when traveling to a country is where to sleep. People are looking for that everywhere. What is the situation for Samoa accommodation options? The good news is there are some cheap(er) choices for the backpacker. However, they are not Southeast Asia cheap. Sorry about that.

The resorts are there but as a resource for backpackers, I do not see the need to really talk about $300 USD a night options. If you are spending like that, you are not what I would call a backpacker. You could be but not in my mind!

3 types of Samoa accommodation

The first one is the one everyone comes to love. It is the beach fale. These are converted Samoan fales that are made for backpackers. They slept right on the beach and they have the wind from the ocean coming in all night.

Most of these operations are family owned and are about $30-$50 a night with meals included. It might sound like a lot for backpackers but remember, meals are included. That covers about half of the cost right there.

The second type of Samoa accommodation you will find in cheap hotels. This are normally much older places that never got fixed up. Many of them are very rough places to put it lightly. I stayed in one for $13 a night.

These are mostly in Apia and by the airport.

The third option would be to hook up with a local family and do a homestay. It does have some challenges but you will learn more about the culture and ways of Samoans through this than you would have some cheap hotel in Apia.

You would just have to work out a deal with the family that is good for both parties. I stayed with a family on the South Coast once.

A word about homestays in Samoa

There are a few men from New Zealand who have come to Samoa and tried to make homestays into a business venture. The problem with this is that the Samoan family is the one that gets ripped out in the end. They take 50% of the money and expect the family to care for you and make sure you have food on the other half. It is a scam. It is mainly being led by Dennis A. Smith and his nonsense “Samoa Village Stays” program. Please do not do business with them!

Samoa accommodation that works for you

I would suggest having a mixture of all three of these type of options for sleeping. Do a home stay for the experience, stay in a hotel in Apia and make sure you try out the beach fales as well.

If you were to ask me which is best, I would have to tell you that I like the beach fales on the South Coast of Samoa the best. The picture above is the one I stayed in while I was there.

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