Why I do not use a GoPro

Alot of people in the Philippines love GoPro. I am not using it and will not use one. There are some serious scientific problems with them as well as they are just too limiting for anything that I would need to do.

I really do get why some people like them, they are fun to play with and if you don’t know much about camera technology; they can be handy. However, using one as a primary camera is not going to work for anyone with a little knowledge.

5 reasons I do not use the GoPro!

  1. The sensor is too small
  2. There is no freedom in focal length
  3. There is no controls
  4. There is no bokeh
  5. They are too expensive for what they do.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

You have a square that is 1/2 across and you take a flashlight to that square. The only light inside that square is going to that 1/2 inch, right? That is how sensor works. If you have a 1.5″ square, you will get triple the light. This is why I will always say a DSLR is better than a GoPro.

Another big issue is the lens. There is no inter-changable lens. You have one option and that is the one lens you have on it. There is no zoom option, either. If shooting that length works, great. If it doesn’t, you are screwed.

As a photographer, I want some controls. At least, let me get the aperture. That is important. I do not want some program inside the camera telling me what the f/stop should be. I am a pretty smart guy. I can do that myself.

The big one is I love Bohek, that blurred background. I can’t stand these videos where everything is in focus. It is great for landscape, not for interviews. GoPro is very much a joke in the area of Bohek!

Lastly, when you consider you can get a decent DSLR for about the same price as a one of them; it is hard to reason out even buying one. Nikon D7000 are selling for around $450 these days and the GoPro Hero 4 is $399. It just doesn’t make sense.

What are my weapons of choice?

When I do my videos, I normally throw up the Nikon D7000 with a 35mm set to f/2.8 (Did I say Bokeh?) on the tripod. It works for me. I like the controls, the bokeh, the ability to change a len if I need to and triple the sensor space.

In the end, having a GoPro for me would always be an extra for high adventure stuff; not a serious camera to shoot with. Maybe, it is just me.

For more articles about cameras, optic technology and my love for Nikon, check out my blog at Nikon Dojo. 

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