Flying from Samoa to American samoa

If you want to go to American Samoa for any reason, you will probably be flying. It is a short 30 minute flight that businessmen make regularly. However, you will cross the dateline in your 30 minutes in the air.

Who and where do they fly to American Samoa?

It can get a little weird. American Samoa has one really good airport. It is basically a regional airport for the mainland United States. However, Samoa has a decent airport that is used for international flights and it has an airstrip that looks like it came straight out of World War II. The important thing about that airstrip is it is only 3 kilometers out of Apia; not 35 kilometers like the other airport.

Serving the airstrip known as Fagali’i Airport is Polynesian Airlines that is owned by the Government of Samoa. The planes are very small but they work and they get to American Samoa. (most of the time). FAA has been known to ground them from time to time. Currently round trip is $172.

The bigger airport is known as Faleolo International Airport. This is the largest airport in the country. This is where American owned Inter Island Airways lands. They are a little bigger planes and newer. The only downside to Inter Island is land 35 kilometers away. However, they currently offer a free shuttle to make up for that. The price is $169 round trip.

Getting in American Samoa
There is not alot of information out there on American Samoa immigration positions. Basically, if you can enter the United States without a visa; you are fine for the same stay. If you have a visa for the United States, you should be fine as well. If you are an American; you are good to go too.

If you do need a visa for the United States, you will need a special permit to enter American Samoa. You should be able to get that in Apia for most countries.


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