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Flying out of El Nido Airport!

I found myself in El Nido, Palawan and needing to fly back to Manila right away. The airport that is close by is privately owned and used by an airline owned by one of the resorts. The only other option that I had was a seven hour journey back to Puerto Princesa (which I didn’t have the time).

It is quite rough to put it lightly. It is all old school. These type runways are like the makeshift ones from World War II for bombing the shit out of the Japanese. It is hard to believe they are still used anywhere in the world.

The positive thing about the El Nido airport though is it is just a few kilometers from the town so it is very easy to get to. I actually walked there when I flew back to Manila.

It is an option for tourists. I would say a last option (which I will tell you why later) but it is still an option if you need it!

airswiftI do not recommend El Nido Airport!

I highly suggest, if you have the time, make the trip back to Puerto Princesa and fly out of there. It is a legit airport using Boeing 737 aircrafts. It is a much better ride back to Manila. The only joy of using the El Nido airport was landing in Manila knowing it was over.

The trip to Puerto Princesa is long. It is about 6-7 hours, in fact. However, I find that spending a late night at the beach eating (or drinking if that is your thing) then taking the 3am bus (Greyhound style) is best. It is faster because the roads are clear. It puts you in Puerto Princesa around 8am. The fare is about 300 pesos or $6.

There are also mini-vans that run the trip all day. I do not like them personally. Too many people in a small van with a driver that has been inspired by the driving of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel on Fast and the Furious franchise.

The good is that the highway from airport to El Nido is finally finished so it is much easier to get around. Thank you, American tax payers for helping Palawan 🙂

el-nido-airport-lightroomThe dissection of today’s image

I went on a tall hill and shot this using a tripod. It was your standard two stops both direction image. Over 90% of the images that I shoot are that way. Rarely does -2 to +2 not work.

The metadata for the base image is f/11 on the aperture, 1/200 of a second and of course 100 ISO. It was shot using the Nikon D7000 DSLR. I used a Tamron 11-18mm at 18mm.

It was edited using Adobe Lightroom CC and Photomatix Pro 5. Those are my “go to” programs for the most part. I use others but these are the ones I use almost daily.

Here is a video about the airport I found on Youtube!

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