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Forcing Facebook to change your page name!

If you have a sizable Facebook page, they are very strict on changing the name. They say it can only be “small changes” to the name. In other words, the keyword for the page must rename the same. What this translates to is you can not rebrand your web presence without starting off. However, I fight a way to outsmart Facebook on this issue. Here is how I did it….

If you have tried to change the name, you will get a message like this one from Facebook.

How, how do you get around this? It is possible but it is not overnight to do it. Just realize, it will take about a week to do and I have 100% success at doing it with many Facebook pages.

Step 1: Change the name with both old name AND the new name

You try and rename the page Herrnhut from Azusa Report and Facebook with reject it saying, “. Page name change requests that don’t meet our guidelines include changes that may be misleading (ex: renaming “I Love New York” to “I Love San Francisco”). Requests that meet our guidelines include removing descriptions from a Page’s name (ex: renaming “John Smith, Trainer” to “John Smith”). ”

So when I changed it to Herrnhut formerly Azusa Report, it looks like to Facebook that the old name is there and the added words just tell about the name. In reality, the added words is the new name. The system will almost automatically approve it.

Now, you just have to wait seven days to change the name again. This is important to know. It does take a week of waiting.

Step 2: Just remove the old name completely

In this case, I would just remove “formerly Azusa Report.” and click Continue. That’s it and the name is going to be successful changed to what I want. As I did say, it does take a week to get it done but it will work if you have the time and have both names on it doesn’t matter for a few days. In reality, it is good to let people know that you are still about the same thing, just changing the name a little.

As I said, I have never had a name rejected that I did with this trick. I could be just lucky but I think you will find it does work every time.

What is the end of result?

Why Facebook is hard about page names?

In my opinion, it is about SEO for them. They have build up the page using the name as a keyword and they want to keep that keyword if they can. Adding the extra words does not convince Facebook that you are trying to change the keyword until you remove the old name and it change the keyword but it is not clear to the system to set off the alarms.

Has this trick worked for you? I hope it does. Let me know if it has.


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