Fro Knows Photo or Cameras?

Alot of people wonder how much that Jared Polin at Fro Knows Photos actually knows about photos. He does know his Nikon cameras but should be trusted?

Let me say this: I have followed him loosely for about 4-5 years. He was just a guy bitching about using RAW format when I just saw him on Youtube. He didn’t have anywhere near the 500k subscribers that he has today.

When he is just talking about Nikon cameras, I think he is dead on and he does know the technical stuff (he tried to not get all techy on his channel).

Fro Knows Photo is a Nikon user!

He shoots with the Nikon D5 and the top of the line lens. If anything, this is one of his down points. He tend to do little with cameras and lens that the average photographer starting out can get their hands on. I do not know very many moms using the Nikon D5 and 70-200mm (2.8) to get pictures of her children at the park. Maybe, there is but I do not know of any.

However, the techniques of photography, especially with a Nikon camera, are flawless. You can tell he has been shooting for a very long time and went to photography school. For those interested, he attended Antonelli Institute (I believe).

Is he a paid hack?

Without question. You can tell when he is being paid to promote a product. The videos are very professional and you can tell he had a budget to make it. I do not hate him for it. I also do not trust his opinion on these videos, either.

Everyone has to pay the bills and I am sure if Canon came to me and offered me a free helicopter ride to test out a new camera, I am sure I would do it. I love Nikon but that would be hard to say no to as well.

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  1. Patrick Pedersen
    Patrick Pedersen says:

    Hi there, 🙂
    You (almost) said what I’ve been thinking a few years myself! Asking me, and this is my point of view and personal meaning(!).
    Froo DOESN’T know photo!
    The “in depth” reviews he makes is a good days laugh, and I as a educated professional (landscape) photographer does not take his site too seriously.
    I’m not going to go “deep” on this, but it’s typical for a kind of guy like Froo which is sponsored and “God knows what”, he has a huge and cost full team behind him to put the words which put the words in his mouth. He’s even lower in technical knowledge than Ken Rockwell, which is also imho another “tech” guy who in fact knows little of what he’s speaking of.
    Let’s take two serious guys, which is known to the professional photographer’s world’s as the two really big “guru’s” of Nikon equipment and has a LOT more insight than Froo will ever possess, they don’t have a bunch of followers, (which they should have, at least if people really are interested in following a couple of guys which as a fact knows what they’re talking about), but they dont have this “support” apparatus to back them up in every single word they say and put the words in their mouths). To make a big story short, have a look at the Norwegian Nature Photographer Bjørn Rørslett and the English guy Thom Hogan, they KNOW what their talking about, BUT don’t have the type of support and this big apparatus behind them as Froo does, ready to put the right word at the right time in his mouth.
    People: Do you really want to know about Nikon, Google Bjørn Rørslett (his also the owner of Nikongear.net, so go check it out, it’s a great community!), and Thom Hogan, and get reading there than on the well promoted and sponsored Froo guy’s site and videos. THAN, you will learn more about photography in a short read than you have been learning in years with this Froo guy!

    Believe me, Froo (as well as Ken Rockwell) doesn’t have a darn clue in compartment to this two guys!

    Don’t believe me? Do a days reading instead of following a clowns (exuse my language) vomit!

    • peter
      peter says:

      I think Fro is good if you want to buy a camera and he does have some personal skills. After all, the dude did shoot for Rolling Stones.

      However, he is too basic if you ask me. As for Rockwell, his bs on Jpeg and the “p” on your dial is only for professionals was all I could take.


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