Ultimate Travel guide to Golden Gloves Boxing

It is spring time again and that means it is the time of Golden Gloves boxing across the country. It all got started in late January for Buffalo Golden Gloves and will end with late April in New Mexico. This year, the national Golden Gloves will be in Nebraska in early May. 

The tournament has a special place in my heart and I have been in it several years as a teenager. I use to live, breathe and sleep boxing as a youth. Our family, like many, in the Western Missouri and Kansas areas were travel to Kansas City so I could compete in the Kansas City Golden Gloves. This pilgrimage will be completed again for many on April 19-21.

The first one was hold back in 1923 but become much more developed in the early 1960’s. A young man named Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) rise in the professional boxing ranks so quickly put more attention on the Golden Gloves movement for fresh boxing talent. Most Americans boxers in the last few decades have came out of the ranks of the movement.

If you are wanting to know who will be the mover and shakers in the next few years on the PPV circuit, a great place to find them in at the regional Golden Gloves tournaments.

Where and when to box?

Many of the tournaments are a series of boxing shows at local gyms. What is included in this article are the finals for this or the actual tournament dates if it is a real meet like the Kansas City Golden Gloves. If you need more information, please call the contact number listed.

RegionLocationDatesContact PersonPhone
BuffaloBuffalo RiverworksJanuary 28Donald Patterson716-400-9697
PennsylvaniaRoyal Plaza April 28Lola Cariello561-839-2369
Washington DCRosecraft RacewayFebruary 17Robert Magruder301-919-4809
New JerseyTrue WarriorsApril 20Daniel Doyle908-230-2510
Chicago Cicero StadiumApril 12-14Lawrence RoeskeN/A
IndianaTyndall ArmoryApril 26Vickie Elder765-644-1496
ToledoBelieve CenterMarch 31Gene CampbellN/A
IowaVal air ball roomMarch 30Donald Avant515-490-2760
OmahaRalston ArenaMarch 31John Glatgakos402-208-5334
Rocky MountainSalt Palace Convention CenterApril 6 Larry Fullmer801- 201-6723
Mid South North Little Rock April 6Ray Rodgers501-225-7185
Nebraska Platt Duetsche SocietyApril 7 Garry Thompson308-383-4136
Wisconsin Riverside BallroomApril 7Angel Villarreal414-550-9028
Minnesota Uppercut Gym April 7Lisa Bauch612-882-1964
California Hayward SchoolApril 13Ron OroscoN/A
New MexicoRoy walker CenterApril 13Bonita Martinez505-573-1330
Detroit Bert's WarehouseApril 13 Ansel Stewart313-304-2575
MichiganDeltaPlex ArenaApril 14David Packer616-308-6485
Upper MidwestSt. Paul ArmoryApril 14Robert Brunette651-341-8256
Kansas CityMemorial HallApril 19Christopher Walden816-478-1818
South CarolinaMeadowlake ParkApril 18Andrew Stokes803-513-1455
Tri-StateAshland ArmoryApril 20Charles Hanshaw606-465-4638
ClevelandBrook Park RecreationApril 19Earl Jewell216-581-9285
North CarolinaAnnandale Boys ClubApril 20Robert Magruder301-919-4809
Midwest Ralston ArenaApril 21Steven Pelster402-657-3948
Eastern Michigan FWC BerstonApril 21Jason Crutchfield810-955-9602
Upper MidwestNorthern LightsApril 27Lisa Bauch612-882-1964
VirginiaNorfolk Boxing CenterApril 27Robert Magruder301-919-4809
ColoradoMountain ViewApril 28Bonita Martinez505-573-1330
NationalsRalston ArenaSteven Pelster402-657-3948

What to do when traveling?

The first thing to do is get weighed in and then make sure you have a local dish for lunch. This normally should be high in starches. When in Kansas City (where I boxed), this normally means a nice plate of Kansas City barbecue. If in New York, it would be a nice New York style pizza. I always try to experience the local iconic food of the city I am visiting.

For Nationals in Omaha, They could be a trip to the Omaha Steaks restaurants or stopping by the little mom and pops diner that are the backbone of Nebraska’s small town culture. This will be a much better experience (and diet) that running to the local McDonalds.

Before or after the matches, a family could enjoy the cultural centers that many of these cities offer. It could be an Art Museum or visiting a Presidential library. Traveling for boxing events can also be educational to form better young men for society.

It is important to keep your mind off the tournament when you are not competing. Relaxing and doing something unrelated can help you perform at a higher level when you do step between the ropes.

This is why I would always have a platter of Kansas City Barbecue after weigh ins with my family. It was a time to enjoy some food and relax so my mind is fully alert when it is time to compete.



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