Why Google (and Amazon) loves Kansas City?

It is no secret that some big tech companies are pouring billions into Kansas City and have really started trying to build the city up to a regional center for technology. Two of these giants are Google and Amazon. 

It started really with Google launching its’ Google Fiber project. They started with Kansas City. They saw a future in the city and wanted to compete directly with Sprint in their city of their headquarters. There are several other tech companies that call the city home as well such as Garmin.

The launch of Google Fiber in Kansas City was pouring gasoline on the spark for startups. It went from a few dreamers here and there to building a whole platform for a startup culture. Within months of it going live, there was more buzz among tech people that ever before. Companies moved to Kansas City and new ones were starting all the time.

What started as mere competition to ATT and Sprint has became the breeding ground for a movement of technology companies lead by young dreamers. It is amazing to see how much has really changed in the last 10 years. Because of the movement under way, companies like Amazon, UPS, and Fedex are among the ones sitting up operations in the metro.

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