Updated : May 29, 2016 in Fiji

Goundar Shipping is going to Kadavu

After my misadventure to Kadavu, I was glad to find out that Goundar Shipping was coming the next day to bring supplies for the government. It was a bigger ferry and much nicer than the old one I was on coming to the island. Venu Shipping has a boat straight out of the 1700’s (in my opinion)

Goundar Shipping went to Canada and was able to buy a ferry that they were getting rid of. They now have it in Fiji and it is a huge step in the right direction. It reminded me of the 2Go Travel ferries in the Philippines. It was air conditioned and even had a nice cafe area.

My experience with the ferry

After riding an outboard boat to the  Kavala Bay again, I was able to get on the ferry after paying what I think was $55 Fijian dollars for the trip. I do not remember actually. According to their website, it is currently only $44 FJD and $70 for the nicer first class. I must have had the first class.

It was pretty relaxing to be on the ship after doing the whole lost in some exotic island for a day. I have never loved air conditioning so much.

Goundar Shipping has open decks

One of the things about Fijian is anywhere they found a nice open area, it is Kava Kava time! I am a fond lover of kava so I joined in for the afternoon mixing up the grog and enjoying the national drink of Fiji.

The trip is about four hours over open seas but when the grog bowl is being passed around, the time goes fast.

It would be smart to make sure you have power on your Kindle if you are not into the Kava drinking. Four hours is a lot of time to pass by.

Click the image below to go to their website


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