Greyhound in Tulsa is quite small!

If you are a backpacker, you probably are not using the airport in Tulsa and there is no Amtrak. That only leaves you coming to town at Greyhound station in downtown Tulsa. The main problem with it is that is very small and it is not a full service station.

I have come into Tulsa using their buses many times from Kansas City, Missouri. The only regret that I have that I have to arrival at the small terminal with nothing in it to speak of at three in the morning. Really kinda sucks if you ask me.

From the other way from Oklahoma City is much better for an arrival time.

What exactly does Greyhound in Tulsa?

Not much to be honest. It is mainly just a check in counter, some benches and the door to walk behind the building to board the bus. I am sure there is some vending machines but I do not even remember the restaurant that most Greyhound terminals have. When I say that the station in Tulsa is very basic, I mean it.

If you arrive on one of other middle of the night buses, the good news is if you walk over 5th Ave a little, there is a Quik Trip (that are everywhere in Tulsa) to get some food and waste some time until you can get a trip from Tulsa Transit. If all else fails, you are just a mile from Whataburger.

The information you need about the station

Most people are booking online and using the Greyhound App. However, if you need the address, it is located at 317 S. Detroit Ave just across from First Baptist Church of Tulsa. You can reach the local station using (918) 584-4428.

One other thing that people going on the cheap might like to know that the local bus #100 (Admiral) stops a half block from in  front of the Greyhound Station.