Horizon Beach Backpackers Review

The first place I stayed when I went to Fiji was called Horizon Beach Backpackers. (Hostel World link) It was right in the cluster with Bamboo Beach Hostel and a few others. At the time, Horizon was actually owned by the main operations known as Smuggler’s Cove.

What I can say about Horizon Beach Backpackers is they have an amazing location, a brand new swimming pool, the food is decently priced and the they are right on the bus line. According to Hostel World, the current prices for a dorm is around $10. Here is their official website. 

In the research for this article, it seems all the prices in New Town Nadi have increased so check with the backpackers directly before taking Backpacking the Pacific’s word for it. This might be due to the monetary value of the Fijian dollar right now. (May 2016)

What Horizon Beach Backpackers does right

They have a pretty basic restaurant but they are affordable and they open until 10 or so. They also have drinks pretty much any time you need them. It is handy to have the restaurant right there. The other good thing is they are not like Bamboo Beach Hostel, they have a menu for you to pick from.

They have have pretty decent wifi that works without failure. I could upload videos from there and doing any work that I needed online. If you are a freelancer while traveling, having stable internet is critical and Horizon did have that.

The best part is probably the new swimming pool that they have for the guest. I really enjoy to take the afternoons and just relax in the pool. It is not very big but it is still refreshing to take a dip to get away from the heat in Fiji.

As I said, they are right on the bus line and that that is very helpful for when you are going to town to get things.

The other cool things is because they are owned by Smuggler’s Cove next door, you can go and use all the hotel’s stuff like the Kayaks and chill out over there. It is much nicer and it is a legit hotel.

Why you might not stay there

While the dorm is not very well ventilated. It does get pretty hot in there. I do remember going and sleeping out by the pool once because of how hot the dorm was. This might have been fixed since then. I do know they did some remodeling.

The other issue is the staff. The Indian girls at the desk act like they can care less you are in Fiji and they are just there to pick up a paycheck. The manager (Fijian) is not much better. They do not have that Bula smile at all.

With that said, there is girls who have complained on Trip Advisor about the boys working there trying to hook up with guests and even asking for sex. I do not know the details of this to say if this is true or not. Yet, something to consider at least.


Professional Hostel

One of the double edged swords of a professional hostel is they just become a business. This place is all about selling you packages, programs and anything they think you will buy. It is not a family that is running a small business like many hostels in Asia. This is big business at Horizon Beach Backpackers. It is actually owned by another hotel just two doors down.

When I was there, I felt like they were selling everything and they did not want to give any information to you that would not result in a sale. If you wanted to do  something they didn’t offer, they weren’t that interested in helping you. Many wouldn’t mind this but it didn’t sit well with me.

An example of this is they pick people up from the airport (because competitors do as well) but if they are going to the airport to get someone the same time you are flying out, they will only take you if you pay them. It is business first, hospitality second.

I am from the Midwest and I understand that we are a little anal about bad hospitality but just some of the things done by Horizon Beach Backpackers really hit a nerve with me. It was also like that I was not a person or a customer but just a walking ATM machine with a debit card in hand.


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