Host Gator Domains : Are they better than Godaddy?

We did a review of Host Gator recently as a web hosting company. It is quite colorful and straight forward. Today, we are going to follow up with that Host Gator Domains. They also sell domains, you know.

I have got a few domains from them in the past just because it was seamless to people using Host Gator as a hosting provider. I did not have to mess with the name servers at all. This is the only real advantage that I can see.

The pricing is not really that competitive and they do not offer anything that the other domain registries do not. I have used them,, Google Domains,, and even Godaddy for names. All in all, I do not remember any special experience buying from Host Gator Domains.

Buying the Domain from their website

It is pretty simple. You just go to the far right and click domains. After that you would enter the domain you wanted to get and move to the next screen.

This is where you see prices and there is where the fun begins. As you can see, the real price of a domain is $25.90, not the $12.95 that they claimed. In the world of crazy nuts and sociopaths, having private registered domains is a must.

In comparsion, Google Domains gives free private registry. offers the service for $8.95, Media Temple does it for $2. Godaddy is $7.99. As you can see, for most of the top domain registries on the internet, Host Gator Domains is the highest.

You can pay by credit card or by paypal at their website.

Using the Host Gator Domains Dashboard

When you log into your account, you are going to see a screen with your domains listed and a set of icons for renewal, locking the domain, if it is a private registry and general overview. The image below is from my account.

The important icon to know is the at last one that will drop down everything you need like name servers, verification, and contact information. It is your duty and important to keep that information current!

Changing the name servers is pretty simple. This is one thing that Host Gator has improved in the last year or so.

The bottom line: Over priced for what they offer!

Looking at the services that they offer for the domains and the price points they are, there is better options on the internet which make a lot more sense in the end. The same domain that is $26 here is only $18 at for example.

Unless you are getting a domain for a project with an expiration date, say an event, it is recommended that you get the domain for as long as you can. Host Gator Domains currently allows you to buy up to three years. tops out at 5 years. Google Domains is set to max out at 10 years.

Mosaic Audit, as of this writing, would recommend using for all your domain registry needs. They seem to be the easiest to work and offer some good specials to people using their services from time to time.

Mosaic Audit is hosted by WP Engine. They have the best WordPress Hosting on the market anywhere. It is just that good. We are without reservation fanboys. That is after doing professional reviews on them all!

If you are interested in finding out more about their service, click below and yes, you are supporting the website but using this link!

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