How Amazon changes will help photographers

Amazon is a company that many of us to use to get many products from including cameras and computers. They also provide many services such as Amazon Web Services that many photographers use. However, the news hit this morning that Amazon is laying off at least a hundred employees. What does it mean for consumers like us?

Well, if the reports are right, nothing. It seems they are laying off X amounts of workers in this division and hiring X amount of workers in that division. Now that Christmas is over, they are letting all the extra help go and adding numbers to the newer divisions like Alexa and their massive new addition, Whole foods.

Like many, when I first saw the clickbait on Windows; I assumed that it was bad news for getting what I need from Amazon. Less staff in the warehouses would means longer delays to get a camera or a lens to me when I need it for a shoot. However, that is not the case of what they seem to doing.

For those of us that have been watching Amazon for a while, we have seen them make a purposeful effort to de-centralize the shipping process to allow less distance between the warehouse and the delivery point.

What changes matter to photographers

On Facebook, I have seen people getting it ablaze about Amazon is hiring like crazy for its warehouse in Kansas City. Everyone is telling their sons and friends to no apply for a job there. It has gotten to the point that I am annoyed about it. It seems that this is being repeated around the country.

If what I understand is right, they are trying to have many smaller centers to ship from than few huge ones. I expect this will be good for people who buy a lot of general stuff that can be shipping quickly using Amazon Prime or when they finally get the drones approved.

However, I think it is completely unrealistic to expect every center will have Nikon D850 models or a Hasselblad X-1D down the street. For many of the big photographers needs, we will still have to get things shipped from across the country. However, they might have some limited supplies (forget the Hasselblad!) in some of the smaller places for rapid deployment.


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