Funding Travel to the South Seas

If you want to set out and travel the Pacific (or anywhere) you will need to make some money, right? Having a travel blog is probably not the best idea. I know that sounds odd since you are on a travel blog right now. The truth of the matter is you need to get a crapload of views every day to make decent money off the Google network. So, how does one about funding travel?

I am not going to give you a complete list but here is about a dozen or so ideas. Afterwards, I will tell you what I do to fund the travels in the South Seas

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sell on Amazon (drop ship)
  4. Selling tshirts on Teespring
  5. Sell a physical product
  6. Freelance work on Upwork and
  7. Write an e-book for Kindle
  8. Sell a book on CreateSpace
  9. Create a WordPress theme on Themeforest
  10. Build websites
  11. License Photography on 500px
  12. Beg on Patroen

Some of these work well and some of them require quite a bit of skill to pull off. The best advice I can give is make sure you are doing two or more of them. I lost over $700 a month from one stream when it dried up!

How am I funding travel to the South Pacific

I mainly do it from Google Adsense, Vlogging, web design and licensing photography. Each of them has challenges. Funding travel is not easy, no matter how you do it.

Google Adsense works well. They serve up the ads that are based on your search history. I focus on my content instead of selling you something. If you happen to click something, they pay me part of that. It works out very good for me in the end and I am not whoring out to Affiliate marketing.

I have a vlog on Youtube about life. It is not super successful but it does get a few thousand views a way. It is powered by Adsense as well. It puts a few meals on the table for me too.

I am a Web Developer by education. My undergrad is Computer Science with an emphasis on Web Design. I have been using WordPress since 2005. My main focus is building web projects that have an emphasis on function over design. What good is a website that Google won’t rank?

The last way that I make some money (and will be doing more of) is licensing photography. Stock images do not pay well but if you can do the volume; there is some serious cash to be made. However, I am more into getting iconic landscape images and licensing them to magazines and newspaper for a fee. It works for me.

How should you do funding travel?

It could any of these that I list, any that I do or something totally different. There is no right or wrong way as long as you make money, it is morally right and it is ethic. Otherwise, the sky is the limit. Another way to “make money” is to save money, here is some tips for that.

So what are you doing to fund your travel?

Check out this article on how to fund your travel. Worth the read.