Updated : Jun 28, 2014 in Fiji

How to get around Nadi

Nadi, Fiji is a cool little town but it is known also for its tourist traps. Some believe Nadi’s resident think white people are ATM machines. That could be true.

What is Nadi like?
Nadi is basically three roads. The main road that goes through the town and runs out to become the highway again and a back road in the town area. There is a third road going to Port Denarau which is the top dollar tourist stuff.

Assuming you are on a budget, Denarau and Hard Rock Cafe are probably not smart places to hang out. You can do Nadi cheaply though…. if you know what to do.

Three things to do in Nadi

1. Go to Smuggler’s Cove in New Town and swim. It is a overpriced backpackers on the beach with a very nice swimming pool. Go have lunch there for $10 Fijian or so then swim in their pool for free. They also have fire knife shows every Tuesday.

2. The largest Hindi temple south of the equator is in Nadi. This was put up by the large minority of Indians naive to Fiji. It is quite odd  to see in a very christian nation. However, the Hindi population is about 40% currently. It is really cool but they can be very anal about cameras sometimes.

3. Picnic at Wailoaloa Beach. On your way to New Town is a turnoff for Wailoaloa Beach. This is a free public beach for the locals. You could go to MH Supermarket and get some food and have a picnic with some friends (or locals) and enjoy the day free of tourism.

Another good thing to do is run up to Jetpoint and get some of the best fried chicken I have ever had at Wishbone. While you are there, you can also get some grocery from Jetpoint as the stuff in New Town, Nadi was unreal pricy.

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