Is the Pacific Harbour worth it?

Alot of people like to go to Pacific Harbour in Fiji but is it really a good place for backpackers.

If you are a backpacker with a decent amount of cash? Yes.

Pacific Harbour is not Nadi but it is not Yasawa Islands either.

You can find some quite good things to do there.
According to, you can get a dorm right in the Art village for around $20 (USD). This is the main complex and has the only grocery store in the Pacific Harbour without going up to Navua. It also has most the restaurant in the area as well. Honestly, the Art village is the place to be.

Across the street is the Seventh Day Adventist camp and if you give them a little money, they will let you use their facilities for the day. It is very nice and right on the beach. If you do down one way, you have Uprising Resort that has a great resort priced restaurant. To the other side is a public beach for the Fijians.

Having the Post Office right there can be pretty handy too.

Adventure Capital?

They say that this is the Adventure capital of the world but I am not sure according to who. Hawaii might contest that. However, there is alot of adventure stuff going on….at premium prices.
You can go Big Game fishing, ziplining, and even drive Go-Karts at the Harbour.

What I see most is backpackers just renting a bicycle and riding around. There is a sideroad off the highway that is great for that and it is cheap to rent I believe.

If that doesn’t work out, you can get around in taxi or buses. Bus going up and down the highway are .70 Fijian to most places in the Pacific Harbour area and to the town 10 kilometers up the road, it is $1.15.

If you do need to go to Suva to shop for something, it is only an hour from the Art Village and the fare is $3.70 Fijian. That’s $2.05.

You have the city of Suva at your fingertips but you are away from its craziness on your vacation.




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