Jungle Train in Malaysia is a trip!


If you are thinking of doing the “jungle train” in Malaysia, I will warn you: it is a long trip but it does have some great landscapes along the way. If you want to take it from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, that is possible as well.

A few years ago, I came from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur using the Jungle Train. I really enjoyed the Malaysian side of the trip and the Thailand side, not as much.

I am not sure I would do the trip in Thailand again but that is another story. It just was that rough of conditions. It was like an ordinary bus in the Philippines. If you have rode one of those, you know the experience.

Jungle Train would be great at daytime.

Sadly, I made the trip from Pasir Mas to Kuala Lumpur overnight but if I could do it again, I would do it again in the daytime. It would be very cool to sit in the restaurant car with a tripod and my DSLR on top. I know I missed alot of amazing images along the way.

I do know they have a train leaving about nine in the morning from Pasir Mas and it would be the one that I would take if I ever find myself in the Kelantan area again.

Why I can’t suggest the Thailand side

Let’s face it: Thailand’s trains can be very rough. They are old, ran down and the one I was rode on was 100% wooden. It did not even have windows. It was just big holes in the side to let the wind blow through the place.

I will get put this way. Amtrak would never even let this be seen in a museum. It was that ran down. I know it is Thailand but they can do better. I know they can.

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